The housing marketing and single people…

I tend to get upset lately whenever I go tosee a house that’s on the market. There are various reasons as to why but let me sum them up. I make a decent amount. More than I expected to at my age. I live on my own and currently rent a 3 bedroom duplex. I actually have furniture that looks nice. I own a lot of stuff, such as books, collectables and things that like to be out. I prefer to not have a tv or a computer in my bedroom.

I’ve been house hunting since Jan. seriously (I’ve poked around before that) and have been sorely disappointed with the places I’ve found. I can get a decent FHA loan but the problem is that with insurance and taxes and the loan payments I can’t afford the monthly payments on a house that’s over 100,000. Now, try to find a house in a decent area here in Davidson or Rutherford county with more than 1100 sq. ft, 3 bedrooms and at least 1 and a half baths. True, they are out there. Most of them are foreclosures and in hideous condition. I’ve walked into houses and turned around and walked right back out after seeing holes in walls, wiring hanging out and doors ripped off. If I can barely afford a house, then there’s no way I can afford those kind of repairs.

I’m pretty dead set against a condo, townhome or duplex. I live in a duplex now and it’s not bad, but I really don’t want a neighbor on the other side of my wall. I want a house of my own.

And I know I’m picky. I could easily settle for 2 bedrooms if it had a lot of room. I could live without a fireplace. Minor cosmetic repairs wouldn’t be bad.

One of my other concerns is that when I’m looking I’m also keeping in mind that there’s a good chance that my mother and Nana might move in with me until…well…Nana’s cancer runs it’s course. It woudl save Nana the rent on her apt and then we would all be there in case of something happening. That means Nana would need a master bedroom that’s big enough for her hospital bed and the bed for mommy and equipment. She’d also need a bathroom connected with a tub. There can’t be stairs to get to the master bedroom and very few steps outside.

So yeah, I keep all that in mind when hunting.

But even if I just focus on what I want I’ve come to the realization that I don’t think sellers truly intend for their houses to be sold to single, lower middle class people.

Maybe I’m destined to rent my entire life. Maybe this is a hint that I’m not supposed to remain in Tennessee.

I wonder what Colorado, Hawaii and Austrailia are like…


~ by rumielf on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “The housing marketing and single people…”

  1. I used to live in the Nashville area and I TOTALLY know what you mean about home affordability in that area. It seems like there are only mansions or dumps. Nothing modestly in the middle! I’ve been researcing buying my first home lately myself (live in Michigan now). I see you mention an FHA loan. I’ve been seeing this can be a great option, but recently learned that most people are in their homes for less than 7 years (before they move). So I’ve been looking into an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which has lower payments than an FHA. This article explains it better than I can:

    Also, this calculator shows the difference in monthly payments between FHA and an ARM:

    I think it can be a little harder to qualify for the ARM (considering all the subprime stuff), but it’s worth a shot! Can save you like $200-$300 a month!

    Hey, also, I’ve been hearing from my real estate agent that a 3-bedroom is a lot better for reselling!

    OK, Good luck with your house hunting!

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