The knitting of many cunning hats

I can’t really dive into this story without giving you the background on it which goes back many months.

While on Twitter one day I happened to make a comment to @ThinkGeek about something. I’m not sure what it was about. Probably about a lightsaber bokken if I know me. In any case, they replied back and then came back with a question. They wanted to know if that was a Jayne hat I was wearing in my avatar. (If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “Jayne Hat” google it right now and then come on back.) I let them know that yes it was and that I knitted them. I offered to knit one for them as well and they instead asked if I could make one for Timmy, the small stuffed monkey.

I said sure though at the time I’d never made any other sizes but my “one size fits most”. The hat for Timmy was an adventure in resizing my own pattern to make it fit a much tinier head. Because it was so small I was able to whip it up in a day and mail it off quickly. The hat now adorns Timmy in several photos on the website and in newsletters. ThinkGeek was extremely awesome about mentioning me as the knitter and I ended up with not only a slew of orders for hats but a ton of new friends.


(photo by

My hats have been spotted at locations all over the world now and one proud owner has sent me the photos taken of her wearing her own hat and posing with Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton and even a Timmy wearing his tiny hat! Friends who wore theirs to Dragon*Con 2010 got compliments and tagged me in every photo that their hat was in. One gentleman saw me knitting a hat while standing in the registration line while I waited for my badge and wanted to buy the hat as soon as it was done. He owned that hat by Saturday afternoon.

That brings us up to recent events. The awesome folks at ThinkGeek contacted me and asked if I thought I might be interested and able to whip up several normal sized hats for their staff. Unable to resist the fun I said sure and to let me know the final count.

The final count was 18. As fast as I could knit them.

Keep in mind that I not only work a full time job that doesn’t allow me to knit at my desk but I also do a ton of writing projects such as fic challenges and NaNoWriMo that all have deadlines. I hadn’t thought about that when I agreed and yet I knew that I could do this.

It’s now November 22 and I’ve mailed off 8 of the hats so far. Another is finished in my knitting bag and the 10th should be done tonight with the 11th at least started before I go to bed. I knit when I’m sitting down at home, watching a movie. I knit when I’m on a 10 minute break at work. I knit when I’m in the middle of an RPG night, only pausing to roll dice. I’m a crazy knitting machine, determined to get these last 8.5 done and then 4 more for a friend before Christmas. Hopefully the holiday weekend that’s looking at me will allow me to do that.

Still, I’m proud of my hats. At conventions they get many compliments for being extremely authentic looking and I love that I can spot one of my hats just at a glance, knowing it from any other Jayne hats. I love that folks wear them out to conventions and other events (and even just in the cold weather) and then take pictures. On Facebook I keep a photo album full of pictures of people wearing the Jayne hats that I’ve made. Adding to it makes me smile.

So while I know I got myself in a little deep with this one, I wouldn’t have handed this project off for the world. At least I’m learning exactly how fast I can knit these suckers in bulk!

(P.S. Want your own cunning hat? As long as you don’t mind being on the waiting list, drop me a comment below and make sure your email is filled out and I’ll get back to you asap with details and pricing!)

~ by rumielf on November 22, 2010.

43 Responses to “The knitting of many cunning hats”

  1. Oh let me tell you I was so sad when I searched the Think Geek site that the Jayne hat was no longer listed. My 11 and 13 year old daughters, I, and my husband ALL DESIRE THESE HATS GREATLY!!11!

    We want to wear them all winter as the proud Wood family on the glorious slopes of Alpine Meadows.

    Can I order direct?


    • LOL. As far as I know they’ve never been listed on there but they’ve been kind enough to mention my name and then I find ways to get in touch with people that are interested.

      You can certainly hop on the waiting list…you don’t mind waiting a little bit, do you? I mean, I hand knit each one and they are knitted with lots of love and geekiness.

      But if that’s cool, keep an eye out for my email!


  2. Um, waiting list, please, add me, thank you, you talented, geeky, wonderful person, you.

    The commas are free of charge. 😀

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  4. […] Jayne’s hat(Great article about our writer Elf and her making these hats Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Black Ops, Buffy reboot, Call of Duty, Doctor Horrible's sing along blog, Dorkness Rising, Enslaved, Firefly, Harry Potter, Joss Whedon, Kinect, Odyssey to the west, The Deathly Hallows Part 1, The Gamers […]

  5. I am very interested in purchasing a hat from you. Please send me the info, and add me to the waiting list.

    Thank you,

  6. God, you rock so hard! I miss you!

    • LOL. Thanks girl! Hard to believe they took off like this, eh? And you guys are all proud owners of my first ones. That pic of everyone wearing their hats that morning at faire is still on my desk! *hugs* and I miss you too!! But I’ll see you on the 4th at the hafla, right?

  7. oh! yes, please! add me to the list…

  8. I live in Florida so I have no idea when I’ll wear a knit cap but they are just too awesome. Please email me so I can be added to the waiting list.

    • Heck, Jayne hats are awesome to wear no matter where you live. And I’ve been known to sport mine in 100 degree TN summers. *grin* I’ve sent you an email with the info!

  9. My son would love one!! We would like to be on the list, too.

  10. Please add us to the list. My son very much wants one!

  11. Would I be able to get it by Christmas? I want to get one for my brother, but I don’t know how much money I’ll be able to spend. How much? DON’T put me on the list yet, please.

  12. WAITLIST ME PLEASE! I don’t think I can wait long enough to learn how to knit to make one myself! Love it!!

  13. Waitlist me! I’m going to need 4 hats, 2 in child sizes (if possible).

  14. You are my knitting hero. Waitlist please? 😀 I must ski in one of these bad boys!

  15. I’d love to make it on your waiting list!

  16. You are so awesome for making these hats! I am jealous of your knitting skillz! Can you add me to the waitinglist? ^_^

  17. These are awesome, can I get on the waiting list please? And about how long do you think the wait will be?

  18. I have been wanting a Jayne hat for a few years now, and yours are quite cunning! I would love to get more info and possibly be added to your waiting list. Thank you so much!

  19. OMG! I found you! I’ve seen the ThinkGeek guys (and Timmy) wearing these hats and just assumed they were selling them. So I was surprised I couldn’t find them anywhere on their site. I finally decided to do some general web-searching for it and here I am! PLEASE add me to the waiting list. 🙂

    • I know. I’m a little hard to find (easier now that I have the blog going). Lucky for me ThinkGeek is pretty awesome about letting people know who made their hats. 🙂 I just dropped you an email with the info on them. *grin*

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  21. I would like information about your hats.

  22. please add me to the list for 2!

  23. So turns out…A 3 year old with a cunning hat is not such a good idea. She basically pulled all the little strings out from the pom-pom at the top. Do you know of any how-to sites I can visit to fix this? (Alsafysh knows nothing of knitting)

  24. Hello rumielf,

    I have just seen your shiny Hero of Canton hats.

    I love to own one of them!


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