Cunning Hat-splosion!!


That’s the only word I have to describe it.

Since yesterday afternoon I’ve been emailing info about Jayne hats to all the folks who have contacted me almost non-stop. And you guys all want to be on the waiting list.

The warm fuzzies that I’m feeling right now are running rampant!

So now I just have to say a few quick thanks to some folks for their help in getting the word out on my Jayne hats since I started knitting them a couple of years ago:

To my friends from TN Ren Faire who were the first group of people to see me wearing my hat and want their own!

To all the folks on Facebook who saw the hat (either on us or in pictures) and asked for their own.

To the totally awesome folks at ThinkGeek who saw my hat in my Twitter avatar and started the snowball rolling on the internet! You guys continue to rock my world!

To all of the people who found me thanks to the first posts from ThinkGeek about Timmy’s hat and now own Elf-knitted Jayne Hats of their own. You guys continue to wear and post pictures and tell others. Seriously…that’s more than I ever expected!

To my fellow authors at The GeeksFTW who brought me in as a geeky author and even decided to throw in a plug and their own orders for Jayne hats!

To everyone who has been kind enough to post the link to the first blog entry that I made about the hats so that folks could get in touch with me easier. I gotta say, that’s really helped the process more than I imagined!

And to everyone out there who’s been so totally awesome in spreading the word, in sending me pictures of them in their Jayne hats and in passing along the compliments (and those of you who are willing to wait for your hats!)….


And now, back to work and knitting!!

Jayne Hats

Jayne Hats at Renaissance Festival

~ by rumielf on November 24, 2010.

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