Thanksgiving and my dorkness

Whew! I have to admit that Thanksgiving this year was incredibly fun. My mom drove down from Ohio to visit and I had quite a few friends show up again this year. Nearly all the food was eaten, much wine and prison alcohol/hobonog was consumed and lots of guitar hero was played. After everyone was gone my mom and I finished the cleanup and I extracted a shard of glass from the bottom of my foot that I had stepped on before people arrived.

It was a crazy night.

So today when everyone else is out fighting each other for those Black Friday deals in the stores, I’ve been chilling at home, occasionally browsing the deals online and knitting.

I’m taking advantage of the quiet day to introduce my mom to Smallville and she’s enjoying it. I admit that I’m most definitely a bigger Batman fan and I think Superman is a complete wuss but the show Smallville is entertaining…much in the same way that Buffy, Angel and Charmed are entertaining. To cap off the day I’m wearing a Mad Hatter t-shirt, Star Wars PJ pants and am in the middle of knitting Jayne Hat #13.

I feel like an uber dork today. And I’m proud of it.


Fett and the Jayne Hat

Fett and the Jayne Hat

As the day grows darker and the evening wears on I think we’ll finish off season one of Smallville and then I might migrate upstairs and do some much needed cleaning while listening to the movie Beetlejuice.

With luck, I’ll have maybe 6 hats (#9-14) ready to mail on Monday. That will leave only 4 more to go for ThinkGeek and then on to the rush and then the waiting list!

P.S. Homemade alcohol from cranberry-pomegranate juice is made of win!!


~ by rumielf on November 26, 2010.

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