Strangelove Addictions

Every now and then I find myself attracted to a particular fictional character and then have to ask myself “Why, Elf? What in the hell is attractive about them?” In some cases I feel better knowing that I’m not the only girl who wants to hump these characters (like Wolverine) but in others I think I might be the only person in the world who would want to do so. Let me give you a few examples of some of the stranger ones.

Severus Snape

Severus Snape
I just want to state for the record that I wanted to shag Snape senseless before Alan Rickman ever stepped into the role on the big screen. After he did I think my fantasies took an even more perverted turn. But I’m not sure what it is about him that inspires the bucket-worthy drooling. He’s cold, sarcastic, cruel, greasy and in the books he’s not at all attractive to the eye. Yet…when I was reading the books I found myself wanting to do horribly naughty things to him…maybe even coax him into a shower for two. After Alan Rickman was brought in to play him on the screen I knew that I was hopelessly lost. That voice, that gaze…that nose! *happy sigh* Lucky for me I’m definitely not the only woman who dreams lewd dreams about this professor.

FreddyFreddy Krueger
I can’t really explain this one either. Once again it’s a character who is a master of sarcasm and yet Freddy is much more lewd and perverted than Snape is. I do love that glove though. The knives make me grin and shiver at the same time. As far as appearances…well…Freddy was burned to death so I’m not sure if anyone would call him attractive. I blame the nose again. Much like Alan Rickman’s nose, Robert Englund’s is just plain awesome. I think part of my attraction to Freddy is due to all the tongue waggling, pelvic thrusting and dirty minded comments as well as the glove and the nose. Oh…and the fact that he’s a man/demon/spirit/something in a fedora. Hats are hot. Again, I’m not the only one that seems to want to take advantage of all that pelvic thrusting but the number of us is small.

There is no explanation for this one whatsoever. Seriously. I must be insane. He’s crude, dirty, covered in grave moss, has a serious gut, eats bugs, stores snot and is dead. The only cool or good looking thing about him might be the two suits he wears at the end, the black and white striped suit with combat boots and the red velvet wedding suit with white shoes. Those are pretty snazzy bits of clothing but they can’t disguise the fact that he’s still not good looking at all. So why do I want to write smut fic with me opposite him? And why in the world do I enjoy fantasies about hot nasty sex with him?

Wow. That looks much worse when written out. I can’t be the only person out there with a strange fixation on the Ghost With the Most. I can’t. There has to be someone else out there too. Someone? Anyone? Why are there crickets chirping?

These are hardly the only strange characters that I find attractive. I’m also rather obsessed with the Joker and freely admit to writing many smut fics about him. I also have crushes on a couple of Ninja Turtles (Raph and Mike) though I’m still unsure if that’s considered bestiality or just plain weird. In any case, these are the first three that came to mind this afternoon and I thought I’d share. Now when looking at guys outside of the fictional world I certainly don’t lean toward psychopaths (only two were actually crazy), murderers (that I know of) or dead men (pretty sure I’ve never dated one of those). Instead my tastes run in a very different vein. But for some reason, my taste in fictional characters is pretty darn strange. Even by my standards.

~ by rumielf on November 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Strangelove Addictions”

  1. Well I have to agree with you on Snape. Not so sure about the other two though. The nose and sarcasm do it for me.

    • I think the sarcasm has a lot to do with my love of fictional characters. I mean, Snape, Raph from TMNT, Brooklyn from Gargolyles….they’re all masters of sarcasm. 🙂

      And the nose… *sigh*

  2. Oh dear, finally found someone who likes both Krueger and Beetlejuice! xD I remember an interview I watched where Robert Englund was explaining why thinks some people find Krueger attractive, and I remember he said something about ‘confidence, and a touch of vanity’ that gives em’ the special touch. I suppose in the end that is what it boils down too… although I only like the clever ones (often with a sick sense of humor).

    Ah, and here’s that interview I mentioned:

  3. […] of my strange and unusual fictional crushes. You’ve already been shown some of the stranger ones (round 1 and round 2) but this one might have several folks nodding in agreement with my choices. Well, with […]

  4. […] managed to hit and then make me love new things. (For those of you that know me, you know I have an unexplainable crush on this character.) Also, this was definitely an R rated show for language and I adored it. From him telling Barbara […]

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