Almost there… Knitting Cunning Hat #17

I’m almost there.

By that I mean I’m almost done with the ThinkGeek order of 18 Jayne hats. Last night at Stitch N Bitch I managed to finish off hat #16 and get all but the earflaps done on hat #17.

Of course, I ended up falling asleep while knitting, dropping two stitches while sleep-knitting and didn’t notice till I woke up about 4 rows later and wondered why I had gaps further down. I then spent about 15 minutes carefully working the dropped stitches back up until I had them fixed.

For me, the weird part was that I dropped stitches at all. Other people might think sleep knitting is weird. If you weren’t aware, my hands know my Jayne hat pattern so well that I can knit with my eyes closed and will sometimes fall asleep but not stop knitting for a few more rows. I actually can’t rely on knitting my Jayne hats to keep me awake, instead I have to switch to knitting a sock or something similar.

In any case, the dropped stitches were picked up and the hat is now only missing a bobble (which is already made but not sewn on) and the earflaps (which I just started).

Once this hat is done I only have one more to finish to complete this particular order. Then it’s on to the rush of 4. After that I will be knitting them at a slightly less frantic pace so that I can rest my hands and maybe even knit on something else every now and then.

I know, I know. How could I even think about knitting something other than Jayne hats? But I have to tell you, I’d really like to finish these socks, this sweater, these armwarmers and this bathmat.

But that’s the current state of the Jayne Hat Knitting!

Jayne hats and Star Wars pants


~ by rumielf on December 1, 2010.

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