I like it hard…hardcopy that is…

Take a moment. Ease your mind back out of my gutter.

Better? Good.

Now let me explain.

It’s the digital age and I embrace that without hesitation. In fact, I’ve pretty much leapt into it with my eyes closed. I love having everything right there, at the tip of my fingers. I carry around stories, cast info, photos, sheet music and more on various flash drives that fit in a nifty little case in my bag. I adore being able to read a great piece of fanfic or flick through photos from a convention without having to leave my computer.

And yet….

I love hardcopy.

I love my library with books lining the shelves along the walls. I love the many 3-ring binders on one of my desks that contain printed copies of certain fanfics that caught my attention enough to want to read when not at my computer. I love framed photos on the walls and prints of photos that I can put into albums and show off to folks or flip through when I feel nostalgic.

There’s something about being able to read a book or story away from the glare of an electronic screen. There’s something about looking through a photo album and seeing old faded photos from years ago that you had forgotten about (though they might have been best to remain forgotten).

Maybe it’s because when there’s hardcopy there’s a permanence to it. This isn’t something that you can edit or delete with the click of a few keys. Hardcopy means that this item meant enough to you to make physical space for it in your life.

Not that digital isn’t important. Heck, have you seen the size of my Flickr album lately? I LOVE digital. I love writing and storing fic and other documents on my computer. I love transporting them without worrying about the physical space they take up. But if you come to my house and look around, you’ll realize just how much I love having the physical items as well.

There was an event that sparked this post, in case you were wondering. My shadowcast, Testify! is lucky to have our own photographer, Ray+Wendy. They’re at almost every rehearsal, audition, meeting and performance. In addition, we have several other cast members who also love to take photos and many fans who post up photos from our performances. Because I wanted to show off my cast to folks, I started printing off many of these pictures and putting them into albums. I already have three full and I’m going to need about 4 more just to cover the latest batch.

I love having the photos online. In fact I try to compile them all into albums on both my own page and on our group page. Still, much like books and notebooks of stories, having the physical photos that I can look at when not at my computer still holds a lot of appeal.

So yeah, I still like it hard.


Testify! (Taken by Ray+Wendy)


~ by rumielf on December 2, 2010.

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