It all started with a guy in a hat…

I was first introduced to the idea in my freshman year of college. At the time I thought the guy was creepy for asking me if I was into it.

By my sophomore year I was hesitantly trying it, testing the waters, so to speak. My friends carefully led me into the lifestyle, giving me time to adjust to the newness of it.

When I started my junior year I was fully immersed in it. Saturday nights at my house became a regular gathering for all of us to indulge for hours in our lifestyle.

While I’ve had times that I’ve had to drop out of the scene or had to find a new compatible group of folks, to this day (many many moons later) I’m still finding time to participate on an almost weekly basis.

Of course I’m talking about tabletop RPGs and dice-slinging.

Wait…what did you think I was talking about?!

And you call me dirty-minded.


(photo by rumielf)

In any case, I’m occasionally struck by a sense of nostalgia and happy memories when I open up my battered gaming notebook. It’s a 3 ring binder that’s falling apart at the seams and contains characters sheets from many years of gaming. In fact, you can see the first character sheet I ever made, written on notebook paper in red pen, still resting inside. For those of you that are curious it was for Vampire the Masquerade (2nd edition) and was a Malkavian named Carmen. While Carmen wasn’t the first RPG character I’d ever had, she was the first with an actual character sheet.

The first time I heard about role-playing I was making a call from the football stadium where a game had just been cancelled and many of us band members were calling home for rides. (yes, this was before cell phones were all over the place) As I was standing in line talking to my friend Rebecca about Star Trek, one of my fellow band members who wore a fedora spoke up from behind us, asking if we role-played. At the time I had no idea what he was talking about, didn’t know him and thought it was possible he was talking about weird sex stuff. (hey, I was 12, about to turn 13…I was young!)

That fedora-wearing guy (Ryan) later became one of my best friends and the next year I found out what they meant when talking about role-playing. On a band trip they ran a Star Trek game with no sheets, no dice, just action and us. It wasn’t long after that trip that we started gathering at my house every Saturday night for game nights. Brian introduced us to Vampire and other White Wolf games though he was also not a fan of dice. The one game I remember him using dice on was the old West End version of Star Wars (which is now considered “vintage”).

And that was in my introduction into the world of RPGs.

Today I play Mage with a group every other Sunday. On other random days of the week you might find me playing Marvel Superheroes, D&D, or any number of games (both official and our own creations).

But every time I open that notebook and see some of my first character sheets I have to smile remembering how I first heard about gaming and then was pulled into it. Thanks, Ryan.

~ by rumielf on December 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “It all started with a guy in a hat…”

  1. Yay, I’m creepy! Wait, that’s probably not a good thing is it?

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