I’ve knitted how many Cunning Hats?!

After being asked about how many hats I’ve done/still have to go yesterday I went back through my little black book and did a count.

It turns out I’ve knitting 44 hats so far.


No wonder my wrists ache.

Hats # 15-18 went out in the mail to ThinkGeek on Saturday. And that’s all for them (unless they suddenly have more folks at their office that want some). Next up is the rush of 4. One of those is already on the needles.

Not counting the one on the needles I have 37 more to go on the current list.

Suddenly I want to make a Clerks joke.

Still, I can breathe a little easier knowing that I managed to finish that ThinkGeek order and maybe even alternate knitting on a few other things between Jayne hats.

And I just want to say it again: I’ve knitted 44 Jayne Hats already?!

hats 15-18

hats 15-18


~ by rumielf on December 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “I’ve knitted how many Cunning Hats?!”

  1. I love them!

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