I rocked…so hard…

I’m not kidding.

At the hafla on Saturday Elf, Alex and I (of A’Shadi) were playing before the hafla, for Dani’s solo and then again at the end. Everything went well. I had a complete brain freeze on one song while playing flute but otherwise things were fine.

Then I suggested we end the music with our drum solo. I offered to play the large behemoth drum and all three of us rocked out for the length of the song and then a few. I was feeling pretty good about it, thinking that I was totally into the music and loving the bass sound of the drum I was playing.

Then we finished and I glanced down at my right hand.

The section of my index finger between my palm and the first knuckle was swelling incredibly fast and was an alarming shade of purple.

Hurt hand 1

Hurt Hand Same Day

I admit it, I panicked at bit. At first I’d thought I’d broken it but I could bend my index finger and straighten it without a problem (well, other than minor pain). Then I wondered if it was just swollen and the purple was dirt from the drum. I dismissed that pretty quickly when I pressed on the purple area and felt immediate sharp pain. I showed it to Elf who assured me I’d only broken a blood vessel from drumming too hard and striking the wrong place on the drum.

Apparently this is a milestone.

At the moment it’s a damned inconvenience. My index finger is one large painful bruise. I can’t curl that finger to make a fist. The slightest bit of pressure on it hurts. Even typing for extended periods of time hurts!

Good thing I finished that ThinkGeek order of hats the night before since the that’s the finger I wrap the yarn around to keep the tension constant.


Still, I apparently rocked that hard.

Hurt Hand 2

Hurt Hand day 2


~ by rumielf on December 6, 2010.

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