I knit where I can…

I really do knit in some of the oddest places.

Last night I braved the ice and snow to drive downtown and see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (and that driving adventure is another story) I finally sat down in my totally awesome floor seat with about thirty minutes before the official start of the show. Now, I’m used to going to this show by myself each year so I knew that if I didn’t bring something to entertain myself with I’d get all fidgety.

As soon as I was comfortable in my seat I whipped out a Jayne hat I was working on and set to knitting. It turns out that knitting is apparently a great conversation started as many folks wanted to know what I was knitting and that led them to general conversation with me.

Don’t worry. I didn’t knit during the show. I took a crapload of pictures instead.

After the show I booked it into the lobby area and finally located the line for autographs. It’s possible the bad weather kept some people away or sent others home early because I managed to get near the head of the line without a problem. Once again I knew that I was in for a wait. Once again I pulled out the Jayne hat and continued on with the knitting.

I wasn’t surprised this time when people started talking to me about my knitting. One of the arena employees even chuckled when he saw me patiently waiting in line, happily knitting away.

So last night I saw an amazing show (which I’ll talk about later), got autographs and made serious headway on another Jayne hat. Definitely a great night.

That reminds me! ThinkGeek posted pictures of more Jayne Hat-wearing staff!!

ThinkGeek staff

(photo via ThinkGeek.com)


~ by rumielf on December 13, 2010.

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