My attempts at alcohol creation

I’ve always been curious about making alcohol. The idea of learning how to set up a still is fascinating (though having a still here in Tennessee is illegal if I recall correctly) but I don’t have a good place for it to be undisturbed in my house. So when I saw the DIY Juice to Alcohol kit on ThinkGeek I decided to give it a try.

After all, how hard could it be when you have a kit?

DIY Juice to Alcohol

(photo via ThinkGeek)

My first experiment was with Cranberry-Pomegranate juice. The idea is you pour a packet of the yeast into the juice, put the rubber stopper in place of the cap and then the water filled plastic tube sticks up out of that. It says to let it sit for at least 48 hours and then taste it, letting it sit for longer if you want. The first experiment accidentally sat for 4 days because I kind of forgot about it in the hectic days before Thanksgiving. Once everyone was over at the house we decided to sample the 4 day old attempt at alcohol creation.

It turned out to be an almost sparkling dry fruity flavor. Between the 4 of us drinking it, we finished the bottle in just a couple of hours.

We christened it “Hobo Nog”.

I was so happy that I made two more batches. With experimentation I’ve decided that I prefer the taste of the Hobo Nog when I let it sit for 4 days. I tried it after 3 days on one batch but it wasn’t quite sparkling enough. One more day brought it back to the taste that we liked.

Tonight we try a new flavor, Blueberry-Pomegranate, also now called “Prisontini”. Tonight makes day 4 of its creation so the girls at Stitch n Bitch get to be the first to sample the new flavor.

Here’s hoping it turns out just as awesome as the Hobo Nog.

Kudos to ThinkGeek for offering such an awesome product!

And on another note, don’t forget you can still enter the contest to win Canned Unicorn Meat from ThinkGeek! Hop on over to the Contest Post on The GeeksFTW! and submit your entry before 11:59pm CST Thursday (the 16th)!


~ by rumielf on December 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “My attempts at alcohol creation”

  1. I think I’m gonna buy that as a Christmas present to myself this year. I love sparkling fruit juice and I am anxious to try it with some OJ…maybe it’ll taste like a mimosa?

    • I know that it suggests using the Ocean Spray or Welsh’s juice but it would be interesting to see how OJ would work. I can’t try it unless I have a death wish (I’m highly allergic to oranges) but let me know how it turns out! (hey, for 10 bucks you get 6 packets of stuff to make the alcohol. That’s a pretty good deal, eh?)

  2. […] on Homemade Alcohol Last week I posted about my experiments with the DIY Juice to Alcohol kit from ThinkGeek and the results up to that point. When I left off […]

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