Geeky Choices – Lightsabers

I’m currently in a dilemma.

If you know me pretty well then you know that of all the lightsaber styles out there my absolute favorite is Luke’s from Return of the Jedi. Yep, that totally awesome green bladed one that he made. That’s the one he carries for the rest of the Expanded Universe. It’s also the first style of lightsaber toy I owned. Mine is still proudly displayed in all its battered glory next to my television. Still, that one is hands down my favorite. I’ve often lamented that when you see lightsaber things they almost never have that particular style…instead they only offer Luke’s blue one (which was Anakin’s).

Not that I’m down on that style. In fact, to get closer to completing my Mara Jade costume I need that blue bladed lightsaber.

Now…you’ve probably also guessed that I’ve lusted after the ForceFX lightsabers for years with the same lament…no ROTJ Luke style.

Recently that style was finally made available. I also happened to notice that they started making ForceFX lightsabers with removeable blades so you can just attach the hilt to your belt. How awesome is that?! Unfortunately the ROTJ Luke isn’t available with a removable blade until 2011.

Here’s my tough choice:

I have a certificate for use at ThinkGeek that would allow me to finally get a ForceFX lightsaber. The ones with removeable blades are slightly more expensive than the ones without. And they’re all on sale.


Do I go ahead and get a ROTJ Luke without the removeable blade? (and then get one with when they come out?)

Do I get an Anakin with removeable blade for use with my Mara Jade costume?

Do I hold off and wait until ROTJ Luke with removable blade is available and then get that one?

I can’t decide!! Amanda has suggested I get the Anakin one and then get the ROTJ Luke one when it’s available. I admit, I’m leaning toward that but I’m unsure. So…I thought I’d get some opinions.

What do you think I should do?


~ by rumielf on December 20, 2010.

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