If ever there was any doubt…

If I ever doubted my geekiness or Star Wars fangirlness I can rest assured that I am indeed such a person.

I took some of the money from the Jayne hats that I happily knitted and I finally ordered a ForceFX lightsaber. I’ve wanted one for years. I’ve drooled over them, dreamed of them, and yet…I never owned one. I don’t think I’d ever even touched one. 

Though the one I really want hasn’t been released yet (Luke’s ROTJ with removeable green blade) they make Anakin’s blue blade one….which is the lightsaber that later becomes Mara Jade’s in the Expanded Universe. And as that’s a character I’m working on a proper outfit for, the right lightsaber is a necessity.

And yet…when I held the lightsaber, still in it’s box, all thoughts of costuming and props went out of my head. All that mattered was that here, in my hands, was my very own lightsaber. I carefully cut the tape on the box so as not to scratch it so I could open it and actually look at the lightsaber carefully nestled inside.

It sounds utterly ridiculous but my insides were all jumpy and I actually got tears in my eyes as I got to look at the lightsaber which is now mine. Touching it seemed almost sacreligious and yet I couldn’t help but run my fingers over the hilt and blade (they were wrappped in plastic so I didn’t leave fingerprints).

Yeah, I really did almost cry with joy here at my desk over a toy lightsaber.

I don’t want to hurt it so I’m leaving it in the box next to my desk here at work. Once I get it home I’ll take it out for the first time. But for now I keep turning to just stare at it. Every now and then I’ll hug the box. Heck, I even reach over just to stroke the box (yes, that does sound kinky and with good reason…that lightsaber is a pretty big turn on). It’s really all I can think about right now.

A lightsaber of my own.

Ye gods, I love being a geek.

My Lightsaber

My Lightsaber


~ by rumielf on January 18, 2011.

One Response to “If ever there was any doubt…”

  1. It’s beautiful. And you as Mara Jade will be awesome.

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