Why so strong an objection?

I have to ask something and I’m curious as to how folks will respond.

If you are opposed to gay marriage, why are you against it?

If you’re using the Bible and God as your argument, tell me why. I mean, you can tell me that God says that it’s wrong. That’s fine. What that means is that those people will go to Hell, correct? Well…if you’re that upset by those folks and you are so sure you’re going to Heaven, don’t you want them well away from you in the afterlife? Are you really that concerned about saving their wayward souls?

Are your objections moral ones? Because it goes against what YOU feel is right? Heck, I have a moral objection to fanfiction that involves sex between Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. (Not because of the age difference but because I really don’t like Hermione.) However you don’t see me screaming for all writers of it to stop right now. Instead I simply don’t read it nor do I write it. So by that reasoning if you have a moral objection to gay marriage you simply don’t have to participate in it. Makes sense, right?

Maybe it’s simply jealousy. After all, quite a number of marriages between a man and a woman end in divorce. Often a long, drawn-out, painful divorce. But if you’re that jealous wouldn’t you want those folks to have just as equal of a chance to end up in such a divorce? Wouldn’t that be the perfect revenge?

What I’m really curious is how it personally affects you that makes you so against it. How does it directly affect your life? (and simply making you feel squicky doesn’t count) How does allowing gay marriage directly affect you?

For the record, I’m personally in favor of allowing folks to marry whomever they want. Kudos to anyone who can find that kind of happiness.

(while this post does have some very tongue in cheek comments, I’m genuinely interested in what your specific objections and reasons are)


~ by rumielf on January 25, 2011.

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