I dream of Jayne Hats (or I will soon enough)

Happy Jayne Hatting

Happy Jayne Hatting

Sometimes I’m surprised I don’t dream about Jayne Hats.

I’m sure it will happen eventually. I mean, I dream about work on occasion. Happened just last night as a matter of fact. I was dreaming that we could bring our cats to the office for a day and that one coworker had a cat who looked EXACTLY like Ash.

I think the meaning of that dream is that I miss my cats. I wish I could spend all day with them.

Still, one of these days I’m sure that Jayne Hats will make an appearance in my dreams. Probably chasing after me, trying to smother me in yarn.

For those of you on the waiting list, don’t worry! I’m trucking through that list as fast as my fingers and life will let me. Which is still pretty fast. Also, if you’re wanting a Jayne Hat but in non-traditional colors, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you. The cost might be a little extra (so I can go buy the yarn) but I can do them. I’m putting the final touches on one in shades of purple right now.

In between Jayne Hats (and there’s not much time “in between”) I’m working on a lacy shawl. I’ve never worked a complicated lace pattern like this one so I’m nervous but so far it’s coming along nicely. The colors are very fall/winter colors and I’m totally digging on the “falling leaves” part of the patter that I’m currently on. I’ll post pictures when I’m closer to being done with it. I’m also still working on a sweater, a pair of socks, a bathmat and a pair of arm warmers.

Once I’m closer to being caught up on the waiting list I intend to allow myself to focus on one of my other unfinished projects for a few days between the hats. After all, variety is good, right?

But don’t worry…the Jayne Hats are moving along. Again, if you’re ever curious how many hats until I get to you, drop me an email!

~ by rumielf on February 4, 2011.

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