If I had my choice of superpowers…

Playing a current RPG campaign of Marvel Superheros has gotten me thinking about what kind of powers I’d love to have…

I’m thinking I’d love telekinesis. I’d be cool with something like telepathic but I’d almost rather move things with my mind. I could even simulate flying if I was powerful enough. Not to mention I’d totally feel like a Jedi.

Telepathy would be pretty awesome as well and I think it makes for a close second. I’d like telepathy as powerful as Professor X though. Where I could control their thoughts and such. Still, there’s a lot of thoughts that people have that I really don’t want to know. While learning how to deal with it and control it I can only imagine the things I’d hear that I didn’t want to. Plus the constant buzz of thoughts from all those minds might drive me nuts first. At least with telekinesis I think I’d mainly have to put up with bruises and broken objects from my first attempts to learn.

Of course flight would be on that list. Cause who doesn’t want to fly? Well…maybe if you had a fear of heights. Hell, I have a fear of heights but I’d love to be able to fly. It’s definitely one of those things that figures in my dreams all too often.

Yep, those are my top three. I can think of many more that I’d love to have but I’ve only got so much time to write today.

Your top three superpowers (in the order you’d prefer them)……go!

~ by rumielf on February 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “If I had my choice of superpowers…”

  1. Shapeshifting, Teleportation and Laziness (I already have one of these, guess which one!).

    • *snicker* You’re right though. Shapeshifting and teleportation would be pretty cool. I’m still waiting on transporter technology.

  2. Well, I figure I’m more of a villain. My goal would be money and babes, so:

    Telepath for the ability to compel you to give me your money or take off your clothes.

    Phase Shifting like Kitty Pride, forthe thievery I could commit.

    Invisibility for the same reason plus the pervish peeping Tom ability.

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