Confessions of a fanfic writer

Time for a confession.

I write fanfiction.

That’s probably not a surprise to some of you but others might not have known. It’s not something I usually run through the internet shouting at the top of my lungs, but I also don’t really make a move to hide my stories that I post in communities and archives.

I’ve been writing it for years, back before I even knew what “fanfiction” was or that anyone else did it too. Instead I just wrote stories based on my favorite books/tv shows/movies/musicals. And I had fun doing it. Years later I discovered a slew of kindred spirits on the internet and that only encouraged me.

While you may say writing fanfiction is pointless (as it can’t be published in most cases), I have to disagree. I find that reading or writing fanfic often helps me to enjoy a fandom even more. I may end up liking characters that I hadn’t before. I end up meeting folks and becoming friends with many of them through a shared love of fic in a fandom. One of them I’m proud to also call a friend in real life as she’s visited a few times. (Hi, Nikki-chan!)

I think the biggest benefit of writing fanfic, at least for me, is that it tends to inspire even more ideas. Not just for things related to the fandom (such as art, videos and costumes) but it often helps me to write my original stories. The very act of writing a story, even within an established fandom, tends to let loose those creative plot bunnies, often more than I can capture on my own.

My fic fandoms are wide and varied. I love writing in any fandom that catches my attention enough to inspire me. I have several one-shots and many others that are completed chapter works or are still in progress. I tend to cycle through them as inspiration strikes.

I’ve only ever discovered one problem with my fanfic writing. If I’ve met an actor who plays a character in the fandom I find it harder to write or read about them. If I end up calling that actor a friend, I find that I can’t read or write about that character at all and have a hard time even reading any fic in the fandom. It may seem silly but I also have the same problem with my shadowcast. I can’t even think of the Repo characters without seeing my cast instead…which leads to some really disturbing mental images when I accidentally run across Repo fic when I’m not looking for it.

But that’s my confession. If you’re really interested in reading some of my stuff (and it spans from over 15 years ago to now) but don’t feel like looking it up on the web, let me know.

And if you write fanfic and tend to hide it from others, don’t. Shout it out!

~ by rumielf on March 7, 2011.

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