The Cunning Hat Knitting Continues!

It’s time for an update!

So, the Jayne Hat knitting continues and I’m happy to say that the hats are coming along nicely. I did have to stop for a week due to being sick. I had the flu and due to the fever I was running I was contagious. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure that no one wanted a Jayne Hat that was crawling with influenza. So instead I took a break from them.

Now if you really do want a germy Jayne Hat, let me know and I’ll make sure to knit yours the next time I’m sick.

I’m adding pictures of folks wearing their hats to my album and you guys are awesome about tagging me in the photos or emailing them. Remember, I love to see pictures of you guys in your hats so drop me links or the photos whenever you can.

In fun knitting-related news, I picked up the cutest travel case at a thrift store a couple of weekends ago. I’m now using it to cart Jayne Hat materials and in progress hats as well as a lace shawl that I’m working on. I might be in love with this case.

knitting travel case

My new knitting case!

Remember, if you’re wondering how the status of the list stands, drop me an email! Otherwise I’ll be contacting you as soon as I start your hat!

And thanks everyone for being patient with me. My hands appreciate it.

~ by rumielf on March 14, 2011.

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