Preserving a dying art…

I love when things work out.

As you guys know I’ve been working on re-learning my Japanese recently, including my writing of it. Well, in order for me to get practice I decided it would be best to find a Japanese penpal to exchange snail mail, email and occasional Skypes. Unfortunately in the digital age it’s nearly impossible to find folks who want to take the time to write and mail a letter, especially when it has to travel a decent distance and you might not get a response for awhile.

I lamented about this on Twitter earlier in the week and found that a few friends also had a similar sadness. We missed the joy of opening the mailbox and seeing a handwritten letter addressed to us. The small touches like doodles and the joy of seeing someone’s handwriting have been replaced by the internet and its instant gratification.

Jessica mentioned that she’d write me and immediately I exclaimed that I’d write her back. No matter that we see each other at least once a week, we were both willing to take the time to write letters that would be sent only a few miles. Another friend, Doc, also mentioned she’d be up for letter writing. The next thing I knew we were all three exchanging addresses and letters started going out that day. This week I’ve mailed 4 and I’ve already received 2! Maybe the good letter writing vibes worked on my quest for international penpals as I found one, Yuka, who was totally up for a language exchange and making new friends. My first snail mail letter to her went out this morning.

Why do I like writing letters? Well, I love writing by hand. I sometimes swear that some of my best stories and ideas are written by hand. I also love collecting writing instruments. One of my ex-boyfriends introduced me to glass pens and I fell in love with them immediately. I now own several. 🙂 He was also amazing at calligraphy but I’m still trying to master that one. I also love stationary and neat things. I own several seals and things of sealing wax and love adding that little touch on envelopes!

wax and seal

Wax and Seal

And I like knowing that my handwritten letter will often make someone smile. I know I grin like a maniac when I get letters in the mail.

So I’m gonna ask: Are any of you interested in finding penpals? Do you want to exchange letters with me and/or other folks I know? Let me know and I’ll see about getting it all set up!

I refuse to let this form of art die without a fight!!


~ by rumielf on April 1, 2011.

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