A long overdue thank you

To all of the employees of World Wrestling Entertainment,

I’ve been meaning to write you this letter for about a year and I finally was able to put into words exactly what I wanted to say.

Thank you.

You have no way of knowing this but many of the women in my family are wrestling fans. I missed out on it all until 1997-1998 when I was introduced to Monday Night RAW by my boyfriend at the time. It didn’t take long before I was a huge fan. I followed the Undertaker/Kane storyline closely and immediately was able to choose my favorite wrestlers (other than the Undertaker). It was in the summer of 1998 that my family and I moved to California. Once there my grandmother (Nana) and I began a tradition of watching RAW and Smackdown together on a regular basis.

Nana and I would scream, yell and shout at the television and then rehash the matches or events during commercial breaks. It was also during this time that I taped many episodes in order to watch them again later. I called her during the pay per view where Owen Hart fell and we spent the next while talking as I followed the news on the internet of what had happened. We watched (and taped) the RAW tribute to him the following Monday night. Even after I moved to Tennessee and she moved to Texas and then Tennessee I could call her and ask for a rundown of the matches each week. She kept me up to date on all the latest happenings.

Though I loved the Undertaker first with Mick Foley and the Rock as close seconds, Nana’s favorite wrestler was Scotty 2 Hotty. She thought his expression and his finishing move, “The Worm” was the funniest thing ever. Once, while I lived in California, I was taken to a taping of Smackdown. My friend, Ron, and I went armed with a giant glittery and flashing sign that screamed “HI NANA!”. Later that night I fought my way through crowds to get to the souvenir table and bought Nana a Scotty 2 Hotty stuffed worm toy. For years she displayed that worm in her apartments.

At the end of February 2008 Nana fell very ill and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was given approximately 6 months to live. My mother came down to Ohio to move in with Nana and together she and I became my grandmother’s caregivers. I was assigned power of attorney and made sure every day that Nana’s bills were paid and that the money was going where it needed to be. Nana passed away at the end of May that year, about 3 months after her diagnosis.

When everything had settled and time had started to pass I found that I couldn’t picture Nana in my mind. I could think of her as long as I didn’t try to picture her. You see, the only image that would come to mind was how she had been at the end and I knew she didn’t want me to think of her like that and I didn’t want to. It was painful but I tried hard to simply not think of her.

It was in 2010 that I happened to be rearranging things in my living room and found my tapes of RAW episodes. I glanced through them and found one that I knew I’d like to watch. It was the episode where Mankind won the WWE championship that night. (it was a new year’s episode if I recall correctly) I popped it in the VCR and as it played I remembered Nana sitting with me and watching it as it aired originally over 10 years ago.

Then I realized something. I could picture Nana as she had been back then: healthy, happy, cheering at wrestling matches with me. I tried stopping the tape and imagining her again and sure enough, I was able to keep that image in my mind.

So I have to say to all of you: Thank you. You helped me regain the memory of my grandmother from a better time. You may not ever realize how much that means to me but I promise you, it means the world. I was finally able to put away the memory of those last three months and instead remember her as she would have wanted me to. All of you (in front of the camera and behind the scenes) gave me that. All those years of watching wrestling with her and talking to her about it. And all I have to do is pop in an old wrestling tape or catch some of JR’s tweets and I can remember how I shared it all with my Nana.

Many thanks,

~ by rumielf on April 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “A long overdue thank you”

  1. You made me cry. I know exactly how you feel. I still can’t picture my grandmother(s)or my grandfather to this day. I have lots of pictures though of when I was younger and so were they. *big hugs*

    • Oh hon! I didn’t mean to make you cry! *hugs* Pictures are a great thing. I love looking through my old photo albums though looking at pictures of Nana still makes me teary. I’m glad that you have plenty of photos to remember them with!

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