Repsect the Geek Girl

Boba Fett and my Star Wars novels

Boba Fett checks out my SW novels

I’m a geek girl.

There’s no hiding it. In fact, the older I get the more uninhibited I am about my geeky loves. If you visit my house you’ll realize you’ve entered a den of geek from which you may or may not emerge alive. Anime cels and geeky art adorn my walls. Figures, collectables and toys are scattered all over the house, showing the diversity of my fandoms.  

And let’s not forget the one bedroom that’s been turned into a library. Who can resist the lure of sitting in a room surrounded by books? I love to read. I have since I was little. The day I discovered science-fiction was a day that new worlds opened up to me and I’ve since spent my time happily devouring books of all sorts. I have two shelves devoted solely to Star Wars novels. Two shelves for my Terry Pratchett Discworld series. Two devoted to my manga and comics and two devoted to Star Trek novels and the Ender & Bean series by Orson Scott card. Add to that a nice collection of Stephen King novels and other awesome books in the horror genre, a few select biographies and autobiographies (my two favorites being the ones by Bruce Campbell and Mick Foley) and a selection of classics, poetry, Phantom of the Opera related and so on. I even have a nice collection of mystery series.

The one thing genre that is definitely not well represented in my collection is romance. Yes, I have the Dark Hunter series and I own the Manga Sutra but I generally dislike romance novels for their ridiculous plots, if they have one at all, and how silly they sound.

Give me a good Star Wars novel or even my battered copy of Dune instead any day.

That’s right, you heard me. I have a copy of Dune that I’ve literally read to rags. Pages are falling out, the book is actually broken into 3 sections, the covers are missing and it’s held together by tape and a rubber band.  That’s how much I love Dune. If you’re curious, I read the novel before I saw the David Lynch movie years ago. I still have parts of that book memorized.

And I’m a geek girl.

If you laugh at my library or make fun of me because of my selection of books, I’ll probably throw you out of my house. I once thought a guy was cute and was enjoying my conversation with him right up to the point where he said “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe”. Twice. After the second time I couldn’t stand it and just walked away, thinking him an idiot. If you roll your eyes and call me a typical girl because I have a full collection of Dark-Hunter novels I will shove my signed first edition copy of Good Omens (yes, signed by both Terry and Neil) in your face and tell you to have a nice life.

Don’t assume that because I’m a girl I won’t be interested in a show, movie or book with lots of sword fighting and neat plot unless it has sex in it as well. In fact, don’t assume that of any geek girl. Though we may watch and read the True Blood series, that doesn’t mean that we don’t love the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Just because we may have a love of paranormal romance novels that involve Greek mythology doesn’t mean that we don’t know the Star Wars universe better than we know our own past.

And if you’ve never run into a girl like me, a girl who loves to swing a sword, flaunt her geek and turns down dates from guys who have no idea what “Towel Day” is, then I’d say you might be missing out. I promise, if you just look around you’ll find we’re everywhere.

Reading our tattered copies of Dune, The Hobbit, The Dark Tower, or Game of Thrones.



~ by rumielf on April 18, 2011.

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  1. Hear hear!

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