A quick rant

I just gotta say…

If I hear one more person lamenting their lack of PSN access I’m going to scream.

Seriously guys. Go read a book. Play a board game. Go out for a drink. Write some emo poetry about it.

But quit bitching non-stop about it on Twitter and Facebook.

I love my friends. I really do. But I’m almost at the point of smacking them upside the head with my PS2 and reminding them that they ought to be happy they even have the damn nice system they own. (and there are many of my friends complaining about this. If it was just one or two I could probably ignore but…)

If you’re gonna bitch about the whole thing, at least complain about your personal info having been stolen. Otherwise, please stop complaining about it in every other status update.


~ by rumielf on April 26, 2011.

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