My Third Episode of Doctor Who

For those of you not on my twitter feed I thought I’d offer up my thoughts as I watched my third Doctor Who episode “The Unquiet Dead”. I’m also adding in friends’ comments as they are applicable. If you’re familiar with the episode then you can probably follow along rather easily.

Me: About to begin my third episode of Doctor Who. complete with amaretto hot chocolate.
                Jmarie2288: sounds like an excellent evening. (also, I really like that episode!)
                Me: Definitely. 🙂
                JMarie2288: 🙂
Me: Dude….sideburns!
Me: Wait, “We’ve got another one”?!
Me: so just their heads turn blue?
                RyanBane: Oh, you’re at The Unquiet Dead. That’s a pretty good one. A creepy story from Sherlock cowriter Mark Gatiss.
                Me: lol. yep. already kinda creepy. I’m gonna need some serious comedy after this.
                RyanBane: Ep 4, Aliens of London, is kinda silly. Not really a comedy.
                Me: I may save that for later this week.
Me: How many zombies has this undertaker created?
Me: I think it’s the nose. I’ve always had a thing for noses.
                RConnolly29: You’re gonna die when you meet Tennant in season 2! #bestdoctorever #justsayin 😛
                Me: so I’ve heard
                Me: Still, this guy has a seriously awesome nose.
Me: And this undertaker has his own zombie detector in the form of his maid? I really don’t like this guy.
Me: Dude, this old dude on stage has a great voice for reading.
Me: AHHH!!! Creepy blue zombie head in the audience!! And are her eyes bulging even more?!
Me: What’s with the blue spirits being yakked up by the undead blue headed lady?
Me: brain fever my ass!!
Me: Who’s playing Charles Dickens in this episode?
                JMarie2288: simon callow, he’s played dickens before elsewhere.
                Me: I love his voice!
Me: Ha! “In what way do you resemble a means of keeping oneself cool?”
Me: You know, doctor, when you talk about her being 19 it makes you somewhat of a creepy old man.
                RyanBane: Simon Callow is Dickens. And The Doctor’s 900 years old in that ep. Now that’s an age difference.
                Me: That’s pushing my attraction to older men to a new extreme
                Just0Chris: I think, after the first century or so, Time Lords stop worrying about age so much.
Me: AHHHH!!! Another zombie!!!
                JMarie2288: I am loving your tweets!
Me: I love that pronunciation of “schedule”
Me: Seriously, Rose. Does he look alright?
                RConnolly29: lol Rose can be so stupid it’s funny. but there’s something about her that makes her tolerable..
Me: “The dead are walking. Hi.”
Me: So the undertaker knows the house is haunted and he still runs his business in it?
Me: Aw…but the Doctor has such a cute grin!
Me: So they aren’t really zombies. They’re dead bodies inhabited by glowing blue gas creatures
Me: Because a seance in a haunted funeral parlor is a great idea
                RyanBane: It’s not really haunted if they’re gaseous aliens, now is it?
Me: Freaky!!!
Me: The Doctor gave a very shady look at the mention of the Time War. Hmmm….
Me: Mr. Dickens, you look a bit shaken.
Me: Wait, is that a zipper up the back of Rose’s bodice? Please someone tell me it’s not….
Me: “It’s like recycling.” Ha!
Me:OMG!!! That doesn’t look good!!
Me: Never trust alien gas creatures
Me: “I think he’s gone a little bit wrong”. Yeah, you might be right about that.
Me: Wow. That was depressing.
Me: And how did I know Dickens was gonna say that?
Me: That’s where I know that voice. Shakespeare in Love.
Me: Ah. Rose was kinda waiting on that answer too…
Me: What is it with this show and blue glowing things?
Me: I have now seen 3 episodes of Doctor Who. Hope y’all at least get a kick out of my “live tweeting”.


~ by rumielf on May 2, 2011.

12 Responses to “My Third Episode of Doctor Who”

  1. I WANT TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT DOCTOR WHO FOREVER. Seriously. Hard not to spoilers you. 🙂

    • Nooo! No spoilers!! I kinda want to see it all without knowing what will happen. 🙂 But as I watch them I’m totally down to talk about the ones I’ve seen. 🙂

      • Well, that episode w/ Dickens and the gas aliens was one of my favorite “throw away” episodes in the first season. It was also the first one that really let fans know that we were in for a creepier, darker show and Doctor.

        Also, that “shady look” when the Time War is mentioned. It happens a lot. And it’s a well deserved Shady Look. 🙂

      • So…do I learn what the Time War was or do I have to delve into older episodes for that?

      • From what I can tell the Time War happens between the last of the “old series” and Eccleston’s Doctor. They go into it some during the David Tennant seasons, if I’m remembering right.

      • Cool. As long as it gets explained at some point. I want to know the meaning behind that shady look!

      • It will, mostly, and it’s a doozy of a story.

      • They will mostly explain the Time War. They don’t go into specifics, but they do explain the general gist of it, and the Doctor’s involvement. Davies is big on generalities. In point of fact though, the Time War actually started before the current episodes, according to retcon. I mean, it is a war through time.

  2. Don’t blink and wait for the silence to fall…

  3. Wow you’re watching the new doctor who from the beginning too? Why is everyone starting now I wonder…

    • Well, my friends have been at me for ages to watch it…plus I’m a little tired of not understanding things like a TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver and so on. 🙂

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