Another live-tweet of Doctor Who so soon?!

Yep, last night at our weekly Stitch N Bitch, this time at my place, we settled in with knitting, needlepoint, beer and my laptop for the 2-part episode “Aliens inLondon”. I did have to pause on the knitting while I tweeted and I almost forgot about my beer as well. I ended up sitting with the beer laying in the crook of my elbow while I typed just so I wouldn’t forget about it again.

Yeah, I got so into tweeting and talking about the episiodes that I would forget my alcohol. That’s intense. And I now have the phrase “Sugar Daddy Doctor” to throw out at random points.

Before you read further you should know this is a LONG post as it was a double episode. I tweeted so much that I hit my status limit just a few tweets after I was done and couldn’t make another post for hours! I didn’t even know that was possible. But here is my live tweeting for you to follow and laugh at. 🙂 

Me: About to begin my fourth episode of Doctor Who. Beer, knitting and friends in attendance. 🙂
Me: Ah, the visit home to mum.
Me: ?! what was that flier?
Me: oh gods…how long as she been gone?
Me: uh…that’s a huge oops.
Me: OMG!! They’re defacing the TARDIS!
Me: He looked kinda disappointed answering “no”. She looked somewhat disgusted by the thought when answering “no”
Me: wait…didn’t she call her mom?
Me: Mum, I’ve been everywhere and everywhen. Wait, no….you’ll have an easier time believing I was strung out on drugs.
Me: Dude. Tom just said the Doctor looks like Al Bundy. He is kinda right.
                Just0Chris: That…okay yeah, he kind of does. Huh.
Me: It is one hell of an age gap. Mmmmm. I like older men.
Me: Whoa! Spaceship incoming!
Me: That almost felt like the Mission Impossible theme for a second
Me: Ummm…I think that spaceship might not have passed its emissions testing…
Me: And he’s laughing! So adorable.
Me: I hate to tell the Doctor this but history happens in front of him all the time….
                Just0Chris: And yet it excites him every time. “What’s the point of being grown up if you can’t act childish sometimes?”
Me: He doesn’t look as thrilled about watching it on tv
Me: That american newslady looks like she’s the one on drugs
Me: Oooo…a body. And the Doctor gets excited
Me: *snort* It’s like the bill cosby skit about trying to get an object from a kid.
Me: I wanna see!!!
Me: What about the Prime Minister? Did I miss something?
Me: ew! This acting prime minister is kinda disgusting
Me: oh…i know what that music means. Slimy gits!
Me: So, what alien race is the Doctor?
                Just0Chris: You’ll find out. And it won’t take you the runs of two entire doctors, either.
                Me: good!
                Just0Chris: To be fair, with the new series they knew what he was to begin with. In the old series, they were making it up as they went along.
Me: Tiny and small and made of clay?
Me: oh no…it’s the ex….
Me: Yep. that was a wall. And I can’t believe he too off in the TARDIS!!
Me: What the hell are you doing with that hammer? It’s like kicking electronics
Me: Will there be some evidence of evildoings in the room? Oh, no….planting her
Me: The alien is thumping. And there was a blue glowing light on it.
Me: Uh….wrong room….
Me: Defense plan delta. And then they follow him.
Me: Seriously? A pig?
Me: I dont’ care if it was scared. They’re almost as bad sheep.
Me: Why are they laughing so much?
Me: They’re like that fake movie preview of Jack Black’s in the beginning of Tropic Thunder
Me: They’re scalping themselves!! And revealing blue glowing lights!!!
Me: Yes. Aliens look like pigs. In spacesuits.
Me: No. Pigs are jokes. They’re disgusting. Like sheep.
Me: Yes. Yes, the Doctor is Batman.
Me: Poor Mickey.
Me: Much more important that a boyfriend. Sugar daddy? (Sugar Doctor?)
Me: “Don’t you dare make this place domestic!”
Me: What exactly does her mum think?
Me: Oh no. Don’t call the hotlin— She’s calling the hotline.
Me: Oh no. TARDIS and The Doctor are red flashy words
Me: No. She’s not gonna stay. She’s gonna go with the cute Sugar Daddy Doctor. I hope. Or I will.
Me: They’re doing what any good aliens would be doing: infiltrating the government.
Me: That’s an awfully clean skin suit
Me: Oh, they think he’s an expert…not an alien or terrorist. Cool.
Me: Changed a lot since the old days? I’m assuming that this is a reference to the doctor looking like a different person sometimes…
Me: Is it the same being but in a different body? Will I learn this?
                Just0Chris: You’ll learn all about it. It’s one of the more brilliant episodes in the series, and that’s including all…56? seasons?
Me: Oh, that’s rich. Take me to your leader, indeed.
Me: Not exactly humble, are we Doctor?
Me: Those aren’t good sounds….
Me: Why do I know this lady in the pink coat?
Me: Yep. Definitely a diversion.
                RyanBane: It’s so fun watching you discover Doctor Who like this.
                Me: I’m glad I’m amusing! 😉
Me: Okay, that lady/alien is creeping me out!
Me: Zippers and blue lights. Of course
Me: Thank you Doctor. I’m glad you said that….until he responded with that creepy line.
Me: Uh…ew!
Me: Mr scary alien, can you at least remove the bottom half of the human skin suit?
Me: Pink coat lady has the greatest jaw drop.
Me: Rose! Do something!!
Me: It has Jabba the Hutt laugh!!
Me: Oh, @jmarie2288 is currently here in room with me.
Me: Run!!
Me: Wait…did you really take a photo?
Me: I don’t know if it’s gonna fit anymore
Me: And kung fu pose!!
Me: Nope. Not gonna work.
Me: And even now he’s grinning. I dont’ think those aliens and soldiers find it nearly as charming.
Me: That’s what she said.
Me: Okay, that alien voice is creepy. No, don’t kiss me. And those are more yellow than green.
Me: There’s that jaw drop again
Me: So what does that doctor smell like?
Me: Take me first? Brave, but stupid.
Me: Can it really do that to the alcohol?
Me: Nope, totally not human. Even I know that now.
Me: They’re like….ferengi.
Me: They can pass it to me. Oh wait, I still have beer.
Me: Mr. Chicken?!
Me: Dude! The Doctor saying “Ah” in response to “How do we get out” totally reminded me of you, @ryanbane!!
                RyanBane: Fantastic!
Me: This reporter definitely likes to lean into the camera…on the left side of the screen. Always.
Me: Blue light!!
Me: So [how] huge are they without the compression field?
Me: Emergency protocols are often redundant I think.
Me: It’s okay. I’m saying TARDIS as if it’s normal. You’re in good company.
Me: Aw, I think she likes the Doctor.
Me: LOL. I share the Doctor’s opinion of Mickey.
                Jmarie2288: Mickey the Idiot.
Me: Where’s the fun in being safe.
Me: k, opinion of mickey went up. He’s standing brave with a baseball bat.
Me: I think Rose’s mom almost choked him with his own t-shirt
Me: Ew! That’s gonna take some cleanup.
Me: Yep. Drinks all around. even here.
Me: the combination of a really high forehead and tiny eyes….
Me: if he wasn’t an evil alien this might be a moving speech.
Me: Of course they’ll believe him. people are dumb.
Me: As @jmarie2288 says, it’s not just global, it’s universal.
Me: Oh! A different camera angle for this reporter!
Me: Yeah, he’s all too aware she’s only 19. We established that in the haunted funeral home.
Me: Aw…can he look at me like that?
Me: Oh that grin!
Me: Note to self: in case of nuclear attack, standing in a doorway or closet will protect me. According to Rose.
Me: Wrong room. Again.
Me: Oh wait…you have to hide under a shelf too
Me: I can’t let it go!!!
Me: Is pink coat lady flirting with the doctor?
Me: I’m gonna smack you Doctor if you take off again
Me: Yes, you are infatuated. We all are.
Me: Grass and safety pins. Yummy.
Me: Well, it is corded.
Me: What? Is tea some strange ritual?
Me: Yeah, that sounds better than tea.
Me: You’d think Mickey would be wary of trashbins. Rather than sitting on one.
Me: It’s not too much for me!
Me: Again…what’s the fun in “safe”?
Me: Dude, you should be happy she’s only bringing one bag.
Me: And that would be the end of episodes 4&5, Aliens of London!

~ by rumielf on May 4, 2011.

One Response to “Another live-tweet of Doctor Who so soon?!”

  1. Next episode is great. You’ll get to meet a significant part of Dr.Who history.

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