2D vision in a 3D world…

Last night I was fortunate to be able to see a screening of the new Pirates of the Caribbeanmovie. The movie itself was better than I was expecting (after all, even with the allure of Mr. Depp, by the time something gets to the 4th installment I’m usually horribly disappointed). I won’t go into detail here but instead I’ll save that for another day, after the movie has actually opened and I won’t be spoiling it for everyone.

Instead I’ll talk about my thoughts on the whole 3D movie craze that seems to have infected the collective Hollywood brain.

Most folks know a certain quirk about me. I don’t have any depth perception. None at all. My eyes don’t see in stereo and I actually only see with one eye at a time. I’m sorta like a reptile like that. The easiest way to describe it is this: Hold up a finger and look at it. Now, close one eye. You see how the finger seems to have shifted positions? Now open that eye and close the other. It shifted again, right? When you open both eyes and look at it your finger should appear to be somewhat in the middle of where it appeared with each eye closed. That’s how your brain normally processes images to see in stereo. Me, I never have that middle image. Instead I always see with one eye or the other (and I can control which one I want to see with) without ever closing an eye. Seeing in stereo is also an important thing for having depth perception….so those of us without stereo vision see a flat world.

In my entire life I’ve seen in three dimensions only twice. Both were at theme park rides (T2 Experience and Honey I Shrunk the Audience). Both times I nearly flipped out. To think that most people see like that all the time blew me away.

Now, you’d think with the new 3D movie technology that I’d be able to see those like I did the theme park rides, right? As I discovered last night at the Pirates movie, it still doesn’t work on me. Oh, the glasses kept the image looking like a regular movie rather than that weird double image that appears without the glasses. Still, I got nothing out of the 3D additions. Other than a sore nose from those damn glasses.

Again, the movie itself was pretty awesome and if I can find it showing in a place without the 3D effects I’ll totally see it again. And I’ve definitely confirmed that 3D movies are completely lost on me. *sigh*


~ by rumielf on May 19, 2011.

One Response to “2D vision in a 3D world…”

  1. Most 3d effects involve sending separate images to each eye, so if you only see with one eye at a time they will never work for you. There is a shimmer effect that simulates 3d that would probably work, but it’s almost useless for moving pictures.

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