Doctor Who “Dalek” live tweets!

As you’ve probably guessed from the titled I’ve now watched my 6th episode of Doctor Who and finally know (at least basically) what a Dalek is! Dude, that voice was incredibly annoying! But anyhoo, Jessica and Heather came over to craft and watch it with me (and even contribute to my live tweeting though we were all in the same room). And now I present my tweeted thoughts as I watched “Dalek” for the first time!

Me: And now…live tweeting of Doctor Who “Dalek” episode while in the company of @jmarie2288 and @hby711!!
                         Just0chris: Ooooh, yay. This is a good episode, too. You finally get to learn about Daleks.
Me: Wait, did Rose’s hair get blonder?
Me: And how does a TARDIS get drawn off course?
                        just0Chris: Apparently it’s fairly easy, since it happens *all the time*. Of course, getting *drawn off course* implies you have a course.
                       hby711: Because the TARDIS takes him where he needs to go, not where he wants to go.
                       Me: @hby711 So someone here needs him? The pet?
                       hby711: I’m now afraid of spoiling it, we’ll discuss after 🙂
Me: Creepy helmet head thing!
Me: Wait, you’re GETTING old? I thought you WERE old.
Me: Yeah, I love this Doctor’s profile. It’s definitely the nose.
                videogamedoc87: i love the nose
                Me: It’s a great nose 🙂
                videogamedoc87: it really is. 🙂
                jmarie2288: the nose, the ears, the grin, the voice all good 🙂
                videogamedoc87: I concur. 🙂 I ❤ Mr. Eccleston
Me: That is a huge bluetooth
Me: Blue lights!
Me: More blue lights! And it makes music!
Me: What is that painting behind the desk dude? It’s kinda scary.
Me: Wait…that Henry guy looks familiar
Me: Yes, yes you can smell it, Rose. Oy!
Me: I don’t wanna see his pet. That’s just dirty.
Me: Woo hoo! Flames!!
Me: Doctor, you can totally touch me. You just might burn into flames. *wink*
Me: I don’t like that voice
Me: What the hell did he do to the Daleks?
Me: Better knock on wood, Doctor. Just in case.
Me: Why do i get the feeling taunting a Dalek is a bad idea
Me: Okay, I’d smash it just to stop that damn voice.
Me: Whoa…the Doctor destroyed them all? Except that one? Dude…what happened?
Me: Time Lords? Burned with them? So are these two the last of their races?
                just0chris: Yep, they destroyed each other in the Time War. They’re all that’s left….
Me: He looks so sad!!
                jmarie2288: doesn’t he though. He’s so broken.
                Me: *sniffle*
Me: I wanna hug the Doctor.
Me: oh no! Don’t do it!
Me: Stop it, Doctor!!!
Me: Okay, you can exterminate Henry.
Me: Is she flirting with him?
Me: I mean, I don’t mind. I want the Doctor for myself.
Me: She is flirting! The music confirms it!
Me: Oh he’d rather be downstairs, Rose. Oh, wait…you mean with the Dalek.
Me: I wanna see a real Dalek!
Me: So the Time Lords were really at war with the creator of the Daleks?
Me: Look at that bare chest!
                videogamedoc87: I squeed the first time I saw that
Me: You are like a used car salesman, aren’t ya Henry?
                just0chris: If I remember correctly, I don’t think you’re gonna like where this goes….
Me: Oh you are such an asshole. I hope the Dalek exterminates you.
Me: What they hell are they doing to him? It looks painful! At least it’s not a blue light this time.
Me: Is the Dalek lying to get released? Or is it true?
Me: I’m kinda expecting it to go “Daisy….daisy….”
Me: WTF?!
Me: Damnit Rose!!!
Me: Yes, yes it is.
Me: So the plunger is like a killer sonic screwdriver?
                just0chris: No, it doesn’t use Sonics at all. It is, however, the universe’s most deadly plunger.
Me: That soilder looks familiar.
Me: It’s repairing itself!! Run!!
Me: The entire internet?! really? impressive.
Me: I’ve changed my mind! Kill it! A lot!
Me: Oh! It’s Matrix-ing the bullets with awesome epic choir in the background music!!
Me: Don’t stop and look back when running!! Just run ya damn blonde!
Me: It has a hovercraft!!! And a plunger!! And blue lights!
Me: I dont’ think the word “negotiate” is in it’s vocabulary, Henry. Just “Exterminate”. And technically Rose let it loose…
Me: Right. A single tin robot. Cause those have always gone down so easily in sci-fi/fantasy series.
Me: I’m totally digging on the epic choir music.
Me: Fall back to where? It’s like a terminator!
Me: Hellypad? Did she really pronounce it like that?
Me: Exterminate!!
Me: You know Doctor, what you’re saying to the Dalek can just as easily apply to you.
Me: He has something personal against them doesn’t he?
Me: Oh dear. This is gonna get bad.
Me: Oh Doctor, you are a cold bastard. Really? You hit the enter key? To save your own skin?
                jmarie2288: not to save himself, to save the planet!
Me: Yes, Doctor. Deal with that!
Me: It was so his fault! He hit the button!!
Me: Taking your guilt out on the American isnt’ gonna help. And yes, we know she’s 19.
Me: Creepy human diseases! That’s what she’s given you!
Me: Wait. Does he love her? Killed the other woman he loved? I wanna know!!!
Me: Dalek, honey, most of us are still asking the question “What am I”. None of us really have an answer
Me: Is she really trying to reform the Dalek?
Me: cue dramatic music!
Me: Now what?
Me: Dude! Don’t touch it Rose! That really doesn’t look right! It’s a limp blue squid with an eye! And it’s a pervert
Me: Ew!!!!
Me: The last Dalek is committing suicide?!
Me: Whoa.
Me: That man really likes his full name.
Me: So why did you survive Doctor? Was the Dalek right about you being a coward?
                DJ_Spinja: no. No it wasn’t.
Me: Doctor, Rose likes him. And he’s her age. Seriously. Stick with us women who like older men. 😉
Me: And so ends my 6th episode of Doctor Who. I now know what a Dalek is!!
                RobininSeoul: EXTERMINATE!
                DJ_Spinja: HOORAY!!!!!!


~ by rumielf on May 27, 2011.

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