My ode to Springwater Superstar Karaoke

Amanda singing karaoke

Amanda rocks out!

Oh Springwater Superstar Karaoke nights….I wish I could truly express my feelings for you.

I’ve been to dive bars. I’ve been to karaoke nights. I’ve been to karaoke nights at dive bars. Yet you continue to hold a special place in my heart since I was first dragged to you over a year ago.

Your beer only bar that I never partake of but still find comforting should I get the crazy urge to order a pitcher.

Your mesh tables for easier hosing and less spill cleanup.

Your booths with the giant holes and protruding springs that you can’t lean back in for fear of falling backward to the floor or crushing the people on the other side.

Your tiny bit of lighting that allows us to not know what we just stepped/sat in.

Your red-walled stage with the sparse metallic streamers at the back that always makes me think of Twin Peaks.

Your unmistakable odor of stale beer, cigarettes, and people that I can still smell in my hair and clothes after a half hour drive back home.

Your sister food joint on the other side of the wall with affordable and tasty nibbles.

Your karaoke where I can hear honky tonk followed by metal and then “The Little Mermaid”.

Your karaoke DJ’s that will happily provide backup on songs or will interject with random comments.

Your karaoke night crowd that loves everyone no matter how they sound when on stage.

Your warm welcome from the first night that I first stepped on stage in front of a strange crowd to the hugs of welcome when I showed up after a month of absences.

Springwater Superstar Karaoke, you are so worth the drive from Antioch just for the chance to sing a few songs in a now-familiar crowd.

Rock on.

~ by rumielf on June 1, 2011.

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