An overdue Jayne Hat update!

My knitted Shawl

my first lace shawl

I’ll bet that a few of you are wondering what happened to my Jayne Hat updates. Well, as you can guess, life went crazy and I also started a new knitting project to test my skills. Between the two of those (and me needing a quick break from Jayne Hats) it took a few months for me to get the next batch done.

The good news is I not only finished my first lace project (a beautiful shawl) but I also finished up 9 Jayne Hats!

Behold, the Fall/Winter Seasons Shawl that I finished after many months of hard work! If you look at the pattern it goes from falling leaves to snowflakes, then snow drifts and finally icicles. It was the first lace pattern I’ve ever attempted and I admit I’ve never tried anything quite so complicated (yeah, socks don’t compare to how difficult this one was). Still, I’m proud of the results!

And below, the picture of the pile of Jayne hats that I had on Monday. As of this moment on Wednesday they’re all on their way to their new homes. I have another hat waiting for an earflap, bobble and tag and a hat on the needles so never fear, I’m back in Jayne Hat Fairy mode!

A Pile Of Jayne Hats

A Plie of Jayne Hats!

So if you’re on the waiting list and haven’t heard from me, you probably will soon! And if you’re not on the list and want to be there are only 19 hats ahead of you (as of this writing). Much better than the 30+ that were on the list!

Wish me luck on the knitting and I can’t wait to see photos of these Jayne Hats with their new owners!


~ by rumielf on June 29, 2011.

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