Dcotor Who “The Long Game” Live-Tweets!

Boba Fett and the TARDIS

Boba Fett and the TARDIS

I finally made it to episode seven this week and I’ve got the live-tweet session ready to post! Enjoy!

Me: So, I’m about to hit play on episode 7 of Doctor Who, “The Long Game”. You guys ready for some live-tweeting?
               DJ_Spinja: YAY!
Me: Ha! I know that sound now!
Me: LOL. That’s hilarious. The Doctor gave Rose some info to make it sound like she knew what she was talking about.
Me: And he had such a cute smile while she was doing it
Me: LOL. So just cause the poor guy fainted you’re gonna break up with him, Rose?
                Just0Chris: Well, it’s not like they were really serious in the first place.
                Me: As long as she keeps her hands off the Doctor. 🙂
                Just0Chris: I agree. I’m not a huge Rose fan.
Me: Whoa! It’s like the Promenade on DS9!
Me: Time-sick. I like that.
Me: A sonic screwdriver can do that too?!
Me: I love his nose.
                DJ_Spinja: yeah. That plus the grin are irresistible for me!
                Me: And the ears!
                DJ_Spinja: OF COURSE!!
Me: Who’s this guy? In a room of….blue light!
                DJ_Spinja: IT’S @simonpegg !!! SQUEE!!
                Me: Wait…it’s really @simonpegg?
                Dj_Spinja: @simonpegg YUP!!! SURPRISE!!!! #happywhoing
                Me: Dude! Awesome!
Me: Something fictional? Ha! Wait….it’s all icy! Creepy.
Me: Did he just call them “Mutt & Jeff”? Awesome.
Me: Whoa!! (literally shouted that aloud) There’s an eye in her forehead!!!
                DJ_Spinja: Creeptastic!!
Me: These frozen people in the blue light room are freaking me out.
Me: It’s not an eye? It’s just her brain peeking out? that’s not any better
Me: It’s like listening to a really evil version of the teacher from Charlie Brown…
Me: Ah…..floor 500 is really the place where bad people are sent…
Me: He wants to be alone?
Me: Was it really such a great idea to give him the TARDIS key?
Me: Unless blue light is now gold I’d say the rumors of this floor are a bit false…
Me: Yeah, there’s no escaping the blue light in this series, is there?
                DJ_Spinja: nope!
                Just0Chris: But it’s such a pretty blue light.
Me: Okay, even I jumped at that scare!
Me: Why do I think that going toward the light is a bad idea?
Me: K. The way he says “Liar” is kinda creepy and awesome at the same time
Me: Rock! She’s got a gun!
Me: Since when did a news corporation only tell the truth? #certainpointofview
Me: Oh no…are there tentacles?
Me: Don’t just stand there! Run!!
Me: Rose’s boyfriend looks like he’s gonna crack one off while messing with the computer…
                Just0Chris: Well, he’s kind of a supergeek.
                DJ_Spinja: He’s right, you know. Plus he’s just along for the ride. Not really a bf.
Me: The aliens are up stairs on floor 500! In the ceiling!!
Me: Look at the Doctor….all lounging in that chair. Gods, he’s hot.
Me: Is the dog gonna erase the message?
Me: Never follow unknown messages on a computer screen…
Me: And he’s also a fast liar
Me: He’s gonna have a chip put in his head?!
                DJ_Spinja: of course!! He’s an uber geek!! Also not wise.
                Just0Chris: Well, if he was a boyfriend, he’s not gonna be for long with that chip in his head.
                DJ_Spinja: true!
                Just0Chris: I really don’t think he can handle Rose.
                DJ_Spinja: also true.
                Just0Chris: Damn. And I was hoping he’d keep Rose occupied for a bit.
Me: Oh, he’s so tempted right now.
Me: Did he forget “quintuple”?
Me: That’s cause all the cold is going upstairs
Me: I love that answer. “He’s no one”
Me: And Rose gets the same description!
Me: Cause he’s friggin awesome. That’s why he gets the code.
Me: Oh no. Little dude has a chip now.
Me: If he breaks into “Danny Boy” I might have to leave the room.
Me: Vomit-o-matic? That’s disgusting!!
Me: Ew!!! Slimy teethy thing!!
Me: At least it’s not blue.
Me: Max? Really?
Me: Who’s the chick that helped them out but didn’t go up with them? She looks familiar….
Me: And now the not-BF is gonna try out his new chip in a chair…
                Just0Chris: He’s really just not wise.
Me: Ah!!! His forehead peels back now too!!
                DJ_Spinja: oh yes. He got the full package!
Me: Damn! That kid is giving them all the information!
Me: See! I knew it was a bad idea to give him the TARDIS key!
Me: That’s right, chicky! You show them!
Me: It looks like a miniature version of a space slug from star wars
Me: I guess she’s not quite dead….
Me: Ugh! Exploded alien guts everywhere!
Me: Umm…you’re an idiot. You deserve to be left behind. With you “Snap on, Snap off” hole in the head.
                DJ_Spinja: RIGHT? TOTALLY!!
                Me: I hope he avoids poetry readings in coffee houses. *snap snap*
                DJ_Spinja: heh!!!
Me: Yes, he can.
Me: Even Rose knows he’s a bit of an idiot.
Me: Hi mom! You know how you always said I needed to work there like I needed a hole in the head? Well….
                Just0Chris: Now you understand your mother a little bit better? Yet another win for Dr. Who!
                Me: If my mom found out I had a hole in my head like that I promise you she’d be snapping like a fiend and laughing at me
                Just0Chris: ❤ your mom.
Me: And so ends episode 7 of my Doctor Who experience.

~ by rumielf on July 7, 2011.

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