Doctor Who “Father’s Day” Live-Tweets!

As promised, here are my live-tweets from the Doctor Who episode “Father’s Day”. When you get to the end you’ll notice that both Amanda and Jessica (and later Ryan G. and Ryan B.) were all pressuring me to watch the next two episodes….  For the record, this episode was indeed pretty sad and it’s the only one (so far) that I haven’t rewatched on my ipod at work.

Me: Okay, @jmarie2288 and @DJ_Spinja are here and we’re about to hit play on my 8th episode of Doctor Who, “Father’s Day”!
Me: Are you prepared?
                Just0Chris: Are you?
Me: Rose’s dad!
Me: Died when I was 7…
Me: Can my wish be your command?
Me: I love my dad. I miss him (died when I was 19). I have one major regret with him. I might ask to go back to fix that one regret.
                DJ_Spinja: hugs.
Me: Thank goodness I only have 3 names. Easier for my future husband…when I find him.
Me: oh….
Me: Is Rose going to end up being that someone? Or the cause of his death?
Me: Ah…80’s music.
Me: His concern for Rose is really sweet.
Me: Rose, you can’t stop it. It will mess things up.
Me: I understand though. I wish I had been with my dad when he died.
Me: Rose, you’re torturing yourself….
Me: Rose…this might be bad. Really bad.
Me: Look at that gold chain around his neck
Me: Uh oh. That’s not happy music when we cut back to the Doctor. and don’t call him her boyfriend!
Me: That’s a nasty glower….directed at Rose.
Me: Seriously though. Changing the past is a bad idea.
Me: How do you know he won’t?!?!
Me: But the Doctor is right. Very right. Who knows how she’s changed things?
Me: At least it’s not blue light.
Me: What the…?
Me: You’ve just completely confused your father sweetie.
Me: “Live in sin for a bit”. What a line.
Me: Angry red glowing sucking creature thing!
Me: It’s not really bigger on the inside. Rose really screwed things up this time!
Me: Doctor Who totally rick rolled us!!
                DJ_Spinja: YAY!!! we scared Ash off the couch with our collective JOY!!!
Me: We’ve known each other for so long….
Me: Wow. Lots of people are just blinking out.
Me: Is it saying “Watson. Come here. I need you”?
Me: That car…it’s like it’s trying to hit him now. To fix time?
Me: Rose the baby is eyeing her future self with suspicion.
                Just0Chris: Well, wouldn’t you? Rose is pretty suspicious.
Me: Her dad sounds similar to the Doctor.
Me: Wow. See Rose? Things aren’t always how we imagined them to be.
Me: Oh yeah, stare at Rose so she knows this is her fault.
Me: Yes. Yes it is Rose.
Me: Are they just going to eat everyone?
Me: No, her dad’s ears are much smaller. I like the Doctor’s ears.
Me: Go on. Explain to your dad how you saved his life. He was supposed to die. And you stopped that.
Me: He figured it out. Smart man.
Me: As much as I don’t like Rose that’s a damn touching scene. Until freaky demon thing macked into the door.
Me: Well…when a mommy loves a daddy….
Me: Is the Doctor a bit of a romantic?
Me: She just told her dad, man of the gadgets about the TARDIS. When will she learn to quit telling folks about that?
Me: He’s gotta put it together soon. Yeah, there it is.
Me: Ha! She said she doesn’t have a bloke. Wait…that’s her tiny little boyfriend!
Me: Baby Rose looks freaked out at the Doctor.
Me: What happens if she touches her young self? Will one disappear?
Me: Ha! You tell her Doctor.
Me: He’s really pissed off at her.
Me: No! You can’t die, Doctor! Something has to be fixed!
Me: Such a cute grin!! I want him to hug me!!
Me: Coincidence. Right.
Me: Maybe he didn’t put it together earlier…
Me: It’s your daughter’s fault.
Me: Seriously, her mom is a bit of an idiot.
                Just0Chris: Oh god, yes, Rose’s mother is pretty horrid.
Me: You touched the baby!!!!
Me: What just happened? Why do I sense really bad things?
Me: NO!!!!!!
Me: Bring him back!!
Me: Such sad music. And yeah, that car is there. Appearing and disappearing waiting for you.
Me: Rose’s Dad knows what has to be done. And he’ll do it.
Me: Suddenly her mom gets it.
Me: No. You weren’t there. My dad also wasn’t a part of my life for a good portion of it.
Me: Guess Rose and I have that in common.
Me: Dude. the music. I’m gonna cry.
Me: The Doctor’s back. It’s a happy thing. But I’m still sad.
Me: And your dad didnt’ die alone this time. You gave him that.
Me: The story has changed.
Me: Doctor…even your eyes don’t fix my sadness.
Me: I was just told to watch the next two episodes right now. That they have a happy ending and are horrifying.
                Ryanbane: You will love eps 9 and 10.
                Me: That’s what Dj_Spinja and jmarie2288 are telling me. They’re in my living room demanding I hit play
                Ryanbane: Do it! Do it!
                Me: She’s threatening me with sharp objects and weird awkward noises.
                RyanHilt: YES! The next two are excellent. Creepy, too.
Me: Thanks to the demands of @DJ_Spinja @jmarie2288 and the Ryans (@ryanhilt and @ryanbane) I will now watch the next two episodes…


~ by rumielf on July 15, 2011.

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