My Doctor Who “The Empty Child” & “The Dancing Doctor” Live-Tweets

We (Amanda, Jessica and I) ended up watching 3 episodes in one night. If you remember my experience with my last two-part episode (with the Slitheen) you might remember that I hit my “hourly tweet limit” just after I finished it. Well, apparently I was even more enthusiastic with these three episodes as I hit that limit maybe halfway through “The Empty Child”. Luckily I switched to my email and kept track of my “tweets” through there. So if you’re wondering why there’s a large amount of tweets that have no comments from friends…that’s why.

I really enjoyed these two episodes (and was totally creeped out by them) and I’m sad to know that I only have 3 more episodes with the 9th Doctor. *sniffle*

Me: And we begin “Empty Child”. The TARDIS looks like it’s in trouble!
                ryanconnolly29: yay! Didn’t miss all the live-tweeting this time! Too bad I don’t have time to respond to anything…
                Me: Aw…
Me: What are they chasing?
                Ryanbane: chasing something Mauve and dangerous, naturally.
                Me: *snicker*
                Me: At least it’s not blue….
Me: They do indeed bump around earth a lot.
Me: Yes! I want to drive!
Me: I don’t think he’s looking at your t-shirt…well, not really just at the t-shirt…
Me: With what looks like glowing goggles.
Me: Creepy kid voice is creepy!
Me: You’re so adorable, Doctor!
                Me: (@DJ_Spinja is squeeing here in the living room)
Me: Ah!!! Kid in gas mask!!!
Me: Sweetie, technically you might have fallen from the sky….
Me: Air raid. Ah. No wonder they’re laughing.
Me: A quilted blimp?
Me: Honestly, why didnt’ you let go when it started to lift.
                Casualterror: She’s blonde what do you expect
Me: Kitty!
Me: I love him talking to the TARDIS.
Me: More creepy kids?
Me: It’s not gonna shock you. Maybe.
Me: Dude! See! Creepy kid voice!
                RyanHilt: Are you my mummy?
                DJ_Spinja: 😀
                Me: AHHHH!!!
                DJ_Spinja: also THIS!
Me: Has no one ever watched horror movies? That’s the sound of a kid luring people to nasty things!
Me: See? Never follow creepy kid voices!!
Me: He’s zooming in on her arse!!
Me: Cute!!
Me: Hungry kids?
Me: Now was not the time to let go.
Me: ?! who is this dude?
Me: He’s totally checking her out.
Me: Ah the eyebrows.
Me: I hear breathing in a gas mask. Is that creepy kid?
Me: HA! The Doctor just sits right now.
Me: She takes care of them.
Me: The girl knows
Me: AHHHH!!! Creepy kid voice!! At the door!!
Me: I’m gonna have nightmares!
                Ryanbane: Quick, hide behind the sofa!
                Me: I am so tempted.
Me: Dude. The creepy kid makes phones ring? I’m gonna be terrfied of phones! and radios!!
Me: Don’t do it, Doctor!!
Me: He’s never watched a horror movie, has he?
Me: He seems like a very suave man. So this is the other Captain Jack that everyone talks about.
                  Just0Chris: Oh yes, that’s Captain Jack Harkness 😉
Me: “Available. Very”. Ha!
Me: They’re flirting!!
Me: That’s not all he wants a look at.
Me: She stuttered!
Me: Getting down to business, eh?
                Just0Chris: Hmmm, guess you hit your tweet limit.
Me: Damn! Hit my daily limit!
Me: Yes, yes you do. Love your nose.
Me: Dude! Creepy kid in the gas mask is what fell from the sky?!
Me: Mmm..I’d like to try you. Oh wait…back to the episode.
Me: Blue light!!
Me: And he’s lounging. really lounging.
Me: Is that like a sonic screwdriver
Me: Ha!
Me: He’s caressing her hand.
Me: He’s got her hand awfully close to something of his. Down there.
Me: No. She’s not.
Me: Did she just totally diss the Doctor? Bitch!
Me: Such a romantic.
Me: Dramatic music!!!
Me: Really creepy. I dont’ want to be watching this.
Me: If those aren’t gas masks what are they?
Me: No shit, Sherlock…er…Doctor.
Me: Ew!!!
Me: Oh! He’s got a scar too!!
Me: See!!! It’s like that damn episode of TNG!!
Me: Dont’ touch him! He’s got a scar too!
Me: I never needed to see that. Ever.OMG. I’ll never get rid of that image.
Me: Mr. Spock. Ha!!
Me: It’s her brother. I know it is. the First victim. The creepy kid. Has to be.
Me: Nice panels?!
Me: Flag girl and U-boat captain.
Me: Now they’re all doing it!!
Me: Cliffhanger. Nasty cliffhanger!
Me: Wow. That worked?
Me: The Doctor Dances. Interesting title.
Me: He’s lounging again.
Me: Ooooh. The Doctor doesn’t really look happy.
Me: I like bananas.
Me: She likes his blaster. Girls like a man with a nice gun.
Me: It’s sad and creepy.
Me: Even she knows it’s too much food for that time.
Me: Whoa…wait, he’s messing around with the butcher?
Me: That was almost an exactly line from Sherlock.
Me: AHHHH!!!!!
Me: Banana!!
Me: Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks “this could be a little more sonic”?
Me: Yeah Doctor, she knows how to pick ’em
Me: Wait…where did Captain Jack go?
Me: Creepy ghost typed letter!
Me: You are totally insulting the Doctor. The Doctor is totally hot.
Me: Definitely some form of jealousy.
Me: I’d love to see the Doctor dance.
Me: Is he sulking?
Me: Dude! You’re about to yak a mask!!
Me: Really flexible.
Me: He’s like a Captain Kirk.
Me: Seek new life and …dance…
Me: For a second there, wth that camera angle..I wanted him to say “Redrum”
Me: Give her hope but make her promise not to say anything.
Me: Oh….wow. That’s still a creepy explanation.
Me: Not knowing isnt’ an excuse.
Me: Wait. Its her son?!
Me: That was a twist I didnt’ expect. Wow.
Me: And?
Me: It worked!!!
Me: He’s riding the bomb! Ha!
Me: I think he likes more what’s under the t-shirt
Me: I love his happy face. Oh Doctor… *swoon*
Me: Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once. Everybody lives!
Me: Cutbacks?
Me: He’s so adorable when he’s happy and excited!
Me: Oh Captain Jack. What will happen?
Me: You are such a manwhore!
Me: Hooray! Swing Dancing Doctor!
Me: No!!
Me: Don’t give it to him!!
Me: Oh my!
Me: I can tweet again! Right after I’ve done commenting on the “Dancing Doctor”
                jmarie2288: you did tweet a bunch this evening 🙂
Me: So. Wow. Definitely an awesome 2-parter! I’ll blog my comments tomorrow. 🙂
                Just0Chris: Yeah, it’s a great episode, and introduces the character of Jack Harkness. Glad @DJ_Spinja and @jmarie2288 convinced you to watch.


~ by rumielf on July 16, 2011.

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