That’s a lot of Jayne Hats…

It really hit me the other day…

There are over 70 Jayne Hats made by me that are roaming around the world.

The fun part for me is having folks send me photos of them wearing the hats, or being tagged in photos (as the hat) when people wear them to events.

I love going to conventions and being able to spot an Elf-Made Jayne Hat from a distance. (yes, I can tell mine apart from the others without having to get close)

And I’m still knitting them.

So if you’re on the waiting list, don’t worry! I’m still making my way through it. And if you want a hat, drop me a line and I’ll get in contact with you about getting you on the list!

The Jayne Hat Fairy


~ by rumielf on August 4, 2011.

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