My Doctor Who “Boom Town” Live Tweets!

You Never Forget Your First Doctor

Love my shirt...

The night before I flew off to Ohio I got the chance to watch “Boom Town” with Jessica! That means I’ve only got two more episodes with my dear Ninth Doctor. I’m kinda stalling on watching those. Still, I have live tweets from “Boom Town” ready for your enjoyment!

Me: Aaaaaaand….@jmarie2288 is here and we’re about to watch the next episode of Doctor Who, “BoomTown”. 🙂
                Just0Chris: @Rumielf @jmarie2288 Yay, have fun.
Me: Ah…a recap.
Me: Project? What project?
Me: Ahhh! The Slitheen is still there!
Me: No! Blue Light!!
Me: I knew it was coming and I still jumped!
Me: Hi Mickey!
Me: Hello Jack! And the doctor is totally worth it.
Me: More like a man-whore!
Me: In a good way, of course
                Just0Chris: Is there a bad way to be a man-whore?
                Me: If you aren’t Jack Harkness….yes, yes there are many ways.
                Just0Chris: I guess not everyone can pull off the man-whore persona.
Me: Did he really just flash the “Whatever” sign?
Me: Does the Doctor call him “Ricky” on purpose?
                Just0Chris: Of course he does.
Me: Don’t drink it! She’s evil!
Me: More blue light!
Me: Is the Slitheen hatching a plan or going soft? I think the former.
Me: Is the Slitheen going to cry? Really?
Me: Mickey’s not even noticing the way that Rose is totally entranced by Jack.
Me: Cue adventure music!
Me: Okay, Jack does have some fun lines.
Me: Cause that’s gonna get a great expression out of her.
Me: Yeah, Mickey’s not nearly as graceful as Jack. Or the Doctor. ah….the Doctor. 🙂
Me: Why did she just pull off an earring?
Me: Ha!!! That was awesome!
Me: So can you move the station over just a bit?
Me: Jack’s got a new toy.
Me: Oh Doctor…you can talk in Welsh to me anytime.
Me: Oh. Oh wow. What did your family do?
Me: Mickey, are you going to be all brooding this episode?
                Just0Chris: Mickey broods a lot, but he gets to shine is season 2. Look forward to it!
Me: Aw….go on Mickey. Take Rose out. Leave the Doctor to me.
Me: I have a feeling the Doctor constantly has to face consequences.
Me: Right up Jack’s alley.
Me: Be careful Doctor!!!
Me: Wish I could make poison darts shoot out of my finger
Me: okay, her sticking out of the tongue was adorable.
Me: Rose, Mickey doesn’t want to hear more about the Doctor.
Me: Oh wow. He’s dating someone else.
Me: Good. I don’t believe her either.
Me: Dude. Seriously. Mickey you’re the bad kind of man-whore. Asking Rose to get a hotel with you even though you’re dating someone else
Me: Totally matters. Who knows what that sound is…
Me: That can’t be good.
Me: And of course the rift is full of blue light
Me: See! I knew she couldn’t be trusted!
Me: What’s that light? It’s not blue!
Me: Awwww….the soul of the TARDIS. How cute!
Me: I have to agree with @jmarie2288. That was definitely a creepy look.
Me: She’s like an egg with tentacles.
Me: Yeah. I already wasn’t a Mickey fan. Totally not one after this episode.
Me: And that’s it! 2 more episodes to go…..on another night. 🙂


~ by rumielf on August 17, 2011.

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