A Doctor Who/Firefly Dream…

Jack and Mal

Jack and Mal

So, last weekend I had this absolutely crazy dream that involved both Doctor Who and Firefly. As this followed a dream where I was about to die, I admit that I didn’t mind the weirdness in the least. But it was strange enough that I feel the need to share.

There I was….traveling in the TARDIS with Captain Jack Harkness and Captain Malcolm Reynolds. No Ninth Doctor but I think the amusement of having two captains made up for that bit. We ended up landing on the patio next to a hotel’s outdoor pool. Strangely it looked similar to the one at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel here in Nashville even though I’ve only been there once so far. In any case, we landed and the place was rather empty at the time (lucky for us). A few guests wandered by later and wondered about the TARDIS but seemed to think that it was just a private changing booth or something similar.

The next day Jack decided to go swimming (and he looked rather good in a speedo….and I didn’t think anyone could manage that). While he was gone Mal headed out to pick up supplies and I found a shady spot not too far from the TARDIS and pool where I could relax and read a book. I know that some time passed and then I heard Jack calling from inside the hotel. He had apparently ducked inside to look at something and was walking back toward the TARDIS. Apparently he didn’t know that Mal was gone and he must not have realized that there were a few other guests around because he kept going on, loudly to Mal, about time and space travel in the TARDIS and tweaks he wanted to do with the circuits. I ran over to him (after just gawking at him as he sauntered around in a towel) and hushed him. As we both hurried inside the TARDIS I saw a few of the guests whispering to each other.

Next thing I knew there were bleachers outside near the pool and TARDIS and we were standing outside it, waiting for Mal to get back. The bleachers were full of guests who looked more like spectators at the Salem Witch Trials than modern travelers. And they were staring at us. When Mal got back we explained the situation to him. He was understandably upset and immediately opened the TARDIS door. To all our surprise it was a normal phone box inside. No larger space, no nothing. Just the regular size interior of a phone box. We all three looked at each other and walked inside to squeeze together, sitting on the floor.

Mal was really pissed and Jack even though I tried to explain that it had been a small mistake. But none of us could figure out why our ship was now a plain wooden box. Finally Mal huffed and leaned back against the side of the box and suddenly the whole thing started to crumple and collapse. Jack reached out to try and cover both me and Mal while the box fell apart around us.

Then I woke up.

High point of the dream: A wet Jack Harkness in a speedo and towel.

Second high point: Traveling in a TARDIS with Jack and Mal.

Low point: None.


~ by rumielf on August 19, 2011.

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