My Doctor Who “Bad Wolf” and “The Parting of Ways” Live Tweets

For part of my birthday party last weekend several friends and I decided to play a Doctor Who drinking game I’d discovered online. We also decided it was time for me to see the final two episodes of the Ninth Doctor. Rather than try to watch every single episode of the series we watched 6 various episodes that led up to the last 2. And it was with much sadness that I saw the end of my first Doctor. Surprisingly, though I was drunk from the party and the drinking game, I still managed to live tweet the whole experience….

Me: It’s1am, my birthday party, I’m somewhat drunk from fun and a Doctor Who drinking game…and it’s time to live-tweet the last 2 episodes!
Me: So…the recap begins with a bit of “The Long Game”
Me: 100 years later?
Me: Wait? did the doctor just end up in an Untitled Art Show?
Me: That’s a freaky set
Me: That’s the dude from Jekyll! And he has an accent!!
Me: Yes…I think you are going mad!
Me: These are creepy androids with boobs
Me: and no…there’s nothing wrong with your image Jack. You’re damn cute.
Me: I need a defabricator!!
Me: Can I tempt you, Doctor?
Me: speaking of which…where is your TARDIS?
Me: Don’t go toward the light!!!
Me: I’d be scared! You in the blue light (yep, more blue light) should be scared too!
Me: (p.s. I’m currently watching with @DJ_Spinja, @ryanbane and @just0chris)
                DJ_Spinja: @Rumielf @ryanbane @just0chris SQUEEEEEEEWE!!!!
Me: Torchwood?
                DJ_Spinja: You’ll find out eventually. I’ve got that too. So does @just0chris and I’m betting possibly @ryanbane
Me: oh no…
Me: mmmmm….Jack, can you pose some more?
Me: nah, you don’t need it
Me: I sense bad things happening if someone is voted off
Me: At least it wasn’t blue light that killed her
Me: How do they get punished?
Me: Does it involve spanking the Doctor?
                Me: Cause I’m all for watching that
                DJ_Spinja: YOU NAUGHTY THING!!!!
                Me: Yes, yes I am
Me: Wait…I can hear this music in the club. I’ve danced to this music before….
Me: Is this like the hallway in resident evil?
                DJ_Spinja: Yes but with a few less razors!!!
Me: Who are these folks?
Me: The Controller?
Me: Can the camera shift just a little lower?
                Me: please?
Me: Where was he keeping that?!?!
                DJ_Spinja: YOU REALLYDON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!!
                Me: actually I think I do want to know. 😉
Me: Bad Wolf!!!!!
Me: Can I “get” him?
Me: ?!?!
Me: What do they want with him? The Controller wants him?
Me: Go!!!
Me: I wouldn’t hesistate for a moment
Me: Mmmmhmmmm….
Me: This is really creepy
Me: And such good hands
                DJ_Spinja: MMMMMHMMMMM!!!
Me: Wait, what the hell is he doing flirting with someone else? I may not like Rose that much but dammit! He’s MY Doctor!
Me: Floor 500 looks rather different now
Me: (so gonna hit my tweet limit soon)
Me: Yes….you are such a man-whore and yet, I can’t resist you!
Me: Are those leather pants?
Me: Doctor!!!
Me: No!!!!
Me: Oh Doctor…..I’m so sorry….
Me: Beat the shit out of them!!
Me: Is she a hybrid?
Me: So rose isn’t dead? where is she?
Me: DALEK!!!!!!
Me: Jack, there are Daleks out there and you’re flirting with everything on two legs?
                DJ_Spinja: Honestly, to Jack, it doesn’t even matter how many or if they even have legs!!!
                Me: Doesn’t bother me
                DJ_Spinja: ME NEITHER!! LOVE IT!!!!
Me: Where did they come from? I thought they were all dead
Me: I thought No was pretty obvious!
Me: Doctor…..have I mentioned how much I love you lately?
Me: And now…part 2!
Me: No…I can’t say that right now
Me: Oh Jack, and here I was hoping you could go all night.
Me: I like that name
Me: I don’t like that voice
Me: Emperor of the Daleks?
Me: It kinda looks like a purple Krang
Me: Dude…that’s creepy. And yes, I think they are insane as well
Me: Okay, that sounds more like his character from Jekyll
Me: I’m sensing some Elder God influence here….
                DJ_Spinja: Nah. That’s a much later episode.
                Me: wait….really?
                DJ_Spinja: Sort of, yes. Not Cthulhu specific but yes in a manner of speaking.
Me: Oh man…
Me: Is Rose a little jealous?
Me: Of course a woman wants to follow Jack. He’s damn hot in those pants!
Me: Oh Doctor…you’re sending her away
Me: I’m all teary!
Me: You jerk, Mickey. Just in general
                Just0Chris: Aw, Mickey tries.
Me: so…who did them?
Me: Find a way back to him Rose, please
Me: It’s still there!
Me: The heart of the TARDIS
Me: It worked for a few of them
Me: That’s a lot of death
Me: Don’t you dare listen to your mother
Me: NOO!!!!
Me: Yeah, that’s one thing I don’t want to know.
Me: I love the stance but run, man!
Me:OMG!!! They killed Jack!!!!
Me: What’s up with Rose?
Me: Oh wow.
Me: She’s likePhoenix….
Me: He’s going to die now…isn’t he?
                Just0Chris: Now you get to see. 😉
Me: oh no….
Me: but i love that daft ol’ face
Me: yes, yes you were
Me: Oh man….I’m crying a little. 🙂
Me: And that’s the end of the first series. Wow.

Days later, I’m still sad about moving on the 10th Doctor. I have a feeling that I’ll always love my first Doctor the most.

Thanks, Christopher Eccleston for being so amazing for my introduction into the Doctor Who series and being my first unforgettable Doctor. You were most certainly “Fantastic!”

Ninth Doctor

I'll never forget my first Doctor


~ by rumielf on August 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “My Doctor Who “Bad Wolf” and “The Parting of Ways” Live Tweets”

  1. Man, I’m still sad that Eccleston left so early. He’s my first Doctor as well, and he was fantastic. Ten is more iconic, but there was something especially awesome about Nine.

    Don’t give up on Mickey — he becomes my favorite character in the entire series (barring the Doctor) during Series 2. Has more character development than ANYONE in the show (including the Doctor). And is just generally a nice and perceptive guy. (yeah, like I said, character development. He’s not quite there yet, by the Series 1 finale, but a lot happens in Series 2).

    And if you cried at the end of this finale (perfectly reasonable), just wait ’til Series 2’s finale….dear Lord, that was heartbreaking television if ever there was. But in a good way.

    • I’m sad that he only had one series as well! I’m enjoying the 10th Doctor (just finished “Age of Steel”) but I miss my Ninth Doctor.

      Actually I started off the latest 2-part episode thinking that Mickey was still a complete ass but I did feel sorry for him seeing him with his Gran and him wanting to stay. For that I’ll give him props. It takes guts to stay in a world where you don’t belong and a different version of you was killed in front of you.

      I totally sobbed at the end of “Parting of Ways”. Now I’m terrified to watch the end of series 2!

      • Trying not to spoil anything, I’ll just say that Mickey’s character development continues past Series 2. And don’t worry, the Series 2 finale is exceptional. Just…yeah. You’ll know when you get there. ‘-)

        Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Series 2 and the rest. I’ve a review of Series 1 if you want to know my thoughts more in-depth. I also reviewed Series 2, and am working on the reviews for 3 and 4. Once those are done, I’m on to the year of Tennant’s specials and then Series 5 with Eleven!

      • I’ll have to check out your series one thoughts in the morning (about to hit a Labyrinth showing dressed as David Bowie).

        And there’s more Mickey? I’m surprised! I’ll admit, I disliked him less at the end of “Age of Steel”. Maybe cause I miss my own grandmother.

        I’m gonna have to wait till I’m done with Series Two before I go on to your other reviews. I’m doing what I can to avoid spoilers. 🙂

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