Dragon*Con 2011

Elf and the Ninth Doctor

Me and the Ninth Doctor

It’s hard to believe that another Dragon*Con has come and gone already. So much anticipation and preparation and so soon it’s done and we’re left with post-con depression and con crud…and loads of memories and photos.

I’ve got pictures from every day that I will post as quickly as I can get them resized and ready for the web. Though carrying that heavy camera in a bag on the same shoulder all weekend actually left me with war wounds (yep, nice red welts on my poor shoulder) it was worth it for all the photos I was able to take. Often I was able to hand my camera to friends so I could hop into a photo as well. If you’re interested in checking out the photos they’re here (well, as of 9/9 I’m still uploading so check back constantly)!

And the memories…

So many friends that I ran into…so many that were there and I never saw….

And so many new folks…

How can I mention all the awesome things that happened?

I finally understood many of the Doctor Who costumes that were all over the convention. Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Brent Spiner recognized me in my Jareth costume and remembered me from last year!

Jim (who plays Hoyt on True Blood) did a double take on seeing my Dark Phoenix costume and complimented me quite a bit on it.

Richard Epcar (who does the voice of the Joker in Mortal Kombat vs DC) actually came over to me when I was on the other side of the room (and out of sight) of his table to compliment me on my Harley Quinn costume.

Norman Reedus hugged me as Jareth and took a photo of me as Harley Quinn!

I got to meet Robert Englund!! And touched him!! And found out he is a Bob and Carl fan!

Kilt blowing. Seriously the best “panel” at Dragon*Con. Professor Snape and Steampunk Boba Fett in kilts just melted my fangirl heart.

My first puppet slam! (and hearing a voiceover I did in the intro!) Dude, that was hilarious and I can’t wait to see video of it to relive the experience.

Norman Reedus hugged me again! (this time while I was in normal clothing) And told me my hair smelled nice. (have I mentioned that I just like hearing him talk? such a great voice)

Amanda and I entertained Mark Sheppard by singing “Baby Got Back” with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow puppets. Yes, we totally did that. And I was sober….

Puppet Love

Me and Amanda with puppets!

And those are just some of the awesome things that happened.

The weekend spent in a complete crush of my fellow geeks reminded me that I’m not completely alone in the world and not everyone thinks I’m insane for my geekness. If I could take the TARDIS and just travel back and stay in that weekend, I think I would.

Oh Dragon*Con….how I love you. See you next year!

P.S. Mark Sheppard…thank you for letting us be utterly ridiculous with puppets on Sunday night! That might have made our convention this year. 🙂

~ by rumielf on September 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dragon*Con 2011”

  1. I can confirm that Mark bit cuz I was the girl dressed in black that was talking to him when u girl got there and one of ur puppets even checked my booty while singing Baby Got Back lol Mark was amused and I kept thinking WTF while laughing at the silliness. Only at Dragon*Con hahaha

    • That was you?! Awesome! I’ll bet that was Amanda with Snake Eyes puppet. 🙂 That puppet was totally hitting on everyone in sight. I’m not quite sure what inspired that bit of silliness other than the sheer joy of having puppets. I don’t think I was drunk enough for that. 🙂

      We’re still kinda hoping someone got video of that moment….

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