My Doctor Who “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel” Live Tweets

Doctors, Jack, Amanda and me

Amanda, Ninth, Jack, Tenth and me!

I know, I know…you’re saying I missed live-tweeting several episodes. Well, never fear!  I have plans to go back and rewatch them complete with Tweeting next week! Until then, I give you the most recent Series 2 episodes that I’ve watched and tweeted!

Me: About to live tweet “Rise of the Cybermen”
Me: yeah, that’s creepy. so much like a cylon
Me: I thought “from beyond the grave” is pretty self-explanitory
Me: poor Mickey. Always left out.
Me: Yes, Yes he did.
Me: Whoa!!!
Me: oh no…..poor TARDIS!
Me: yes, but when?
Me: I’m on a blimp!!
Me: Listen to the Doctor, Rose.
Me: Does everyone have a bluetooth?
Me: The Alternate Jackie is just as annoying
Me: Rose is a dog!!!!
Me: this is creepy. does rose’s alternate dad have something to do with the evilness?
Me: Whoa!
Me: That was really creepy!
Me: they want your brains!!!
Me: Shore leave never ends well
Me: No! You already screwed that up once!
Me: nope.
Me: Mickey, you are an ass.
Me: Did the Doctor ask Rose about Mickey or did she just start talking about him?
Me: that’s weird
Me: It’s cute that he puts on reading glasses
                jmarie2288: don’t you love thee glasses?!
                Me: Yep. The glasses are pretty darn cute. 🙂
Me: Oh Mickey. I’m kinda sad for you right now
Me: omg….and it’s a blue van
Me: he’d London’s most wanted?!
Me: He’s like a really crazy version of the cylon creator…
Me: Is this a british thing? using the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in shows?
Me: yeah, the screams on top of that song are awful
Me: Oh no…..Mickey vs. Ricky.
Me: She got way too excited about him wiggling the psychic paper at her
Me: ha! Rose meets her counterpart
Me: oh, he’s very amused
Me: no. no technology is not that wonderful
Me: is mickey gonna explain where he really came from?
Me: If nothing else, he still travels around in a blue vehicle…
Me: even in this series there’s blue light!
Me: oh….rose doesn’t need to hear this….
Me: That’s two mentions of Torchwood in this episode….
Me: Wow. This Jackie is a real bitch
Me: Ummm….these don’t look friendly
Me: Doctor, this might be a good time to show back up
Me: When? When have you seen them before?!
Me: I’ve only ever seen a head!
Me: I thought they were gone!
Me: What would be the point of living like that?
Me: They are nowhere near human
Me: Death!
Me: Run!!!!
Me: I don’t think that really helped
Me: The Doctor’s worst nightmare: two Mickeys
Me: Oh wow….
Me: Now I get the whole “DELETE. DELETE” thing
Me: Shit! This is a 2-part! I may hit my tweet limit!
Me: On to part 2!
Me: SONOF A BITCH! Was that the sonic screwdriver?!?!
Me: It was the energy cell from the TARDIS….
Me: He’s the mole?
Me: Wow.
Me: parking tickets! ha!
Me: Freaky!
Me: They’re everywhere!
Me: More blue light!
Me: That can’t be a good feeling. Watching your alternate self get killed
Me: Always killed by your own monsters.
Me: And after a short pause…we continue!
Me: And no one inLondon ever noticed how evil that building looks?
Me: Ha!!!
Me: Yeah, mickey totally saw that hug between Rose and the Doctor…and she didn’t hug him.
Me: Storage facility. They kinda remind me of Borg
Me: The Cybermen look as though they have tears at the corners of their eyes. It’s weird.
Me: Oh! It heard!
Me: Run faster!!!
Me: that’s horrible!!
Me: She’s already one of them.
Me: Reverse it? I don’t think you can reverse it
Me: If they are written in big red letters i’m going to laugh
Me: Nice!
Me: You know…with that blue glowing thing in the middle of its chest it’s a bit like Iron Man
Me: oh…poor sally….
Me: You don’t have any other choice Doctor…you can’t save them.
Me: Nope, just large black letters
Me: Oh….an alarm. And I knew it wasn’t dead!!
Me: Ha! At least they’re still alive
Me: And he has a gliding throne
Me: He’s a bit like Emperor Dalek….kinda insane
Me: Wait…those are red letters
Me: And a mob of people panicking will always overrun metal creatures….well…almost always
Me: lol. He’s totally talking to Mickey
Me: I wonder how many people have requested that code as their phone number
Me: Their heads are exploding!!
Me: Did it just pull a Star Wars “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”?
Me: Rose is hanging from a blimp again
Me: Where’s Jack when you need him?
Me: I seem to remember this fromTemple of Doom….
Me: Cover you heart, Pete!!
Me: Actaully, the falling Cyberman looked a lot like Alan Rickman when he fell in Die Hard
Me: The TARDIS is alive again!
Me: Pete can’t deal with that…and i can’t blame him
Me: What?
Me: And he wants to take care of her
Me: Rose, this is what he wants to do. This is his purpose. Let him live it.
Me: He was her best friend. He’d always been there. I understand why she’s so sad
Me: K. Thank you Mickey for giving us the Clue answer to Doctor Who
Me: TARDIS in the living room
Me: Goodbye Mickey
Me: And that’s the end of Doctor Who for tonight!
Me: And yet, I’m still obsessed with the Ninth Doctor. I can’t get his voice out of my head.

~ by rumielf on September 10, 2011.

One Response to “My Doctor Who “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel” Live Tweets”

  1. “And no one inLondon ever noticed how evil that building looks?”

    Haha, yeah. The show does begin to deal more with the psychological effect of all these strange happenings on the Londoners (they don’t usually erase everyone’s memories or anything), but still, the real-world effect of all these events seems minimal, and people are always shocked when another alien-something-or-over shows up to interfere with them.

    I’m not a super huge fan of the Cybermen, and I actually didn’t care for the villain in this two-parter much, but I liked the more epic nature of the adventure. I was also really impressed by Mickey’s decision to stay behind; it seemed he finally made peace with himself and realized he had to let go of Rose for good. While previously he was always passive and wallowing in his inferiority complex, now he’s taking initiative to serve other people. He’s taken responsibility. And I love that kind of character development.

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