My Doctor Who “Christmas Invasion” and “New Earth” Live Tweets!

Boba Fett and the Doctor

In for a long night...

This week I sat down with Jessica and had the chance to rewatch the first two episodes of the second series, this time while wide awake. It made a bit of a difference. 🙂 Partway through “New Earth” I did hit my daily tweet limit (is anyone really surprised?) and had to continue with my thoughts in an email. Still, here at my tweets!

Me: Hanging with @jmarie2288, waiting on my pizza to finish cooking and about to watch and live tweet “Christmas Invasion”!
                RandyNBL: wonderful episode… and actually a fairly important one as well… many hints that you may not understand for a season or two
Me: Aw….sad…a gift for rose…
Me: Mickey is almost attuned to that sound, isn’t he?
Me: how long has it been since she left them?
Me: Whoa! Out of control TARDIS!!
Me: That jacket is a bit big on him…but it’s cute
Me: She doesn’t look thrilled about that
Me: Striped PJs?
Me: Is there anything else he’s got 2 of?
Me: Glowing light looks kinda like sperm….
Me: Oh Rose, you’re in love with him…but suddenly he looks and sounds completely different. It’s hard to think he’s the same guy
Me: She’s Prime Minister!
Me: ummm..that doesn’t look good
Me: Mickey’s still jealous!
Me: Ouch.
Me: Those Santas in masks don’t look anywhere near as cheery as our Santas
Me: Death by Christmas?
Me: Killer tubas! Where were those when we needed them in band competitions?
Me: Jackie looked at the Doctor when she talked about Rose “littering” the place
Me: I sense bad things
Me: I’m never gonna look at Christmas trees or think about Christmas music the same way….
Me: How quickly he responded to her plea.
Me: Doctor in a bathrobe is kinda cute
                DJ_Spinja: it’s an Arthur Dent tribute!!!
Me: Shut up Jackie!
Me: random fruit.
Me: Happy Christmas from creepy aliens!
Me: strangely it really was a mask
Me: Wow. I love how everyone except the dude in charge of the project seems to know about aliens
Me: I know that sound! It was a windows “error” sound
Me: Such tension!
Me: Torchwood?
Me: I swear I hear those same few notes whenever someone mentions Torchwood
Me: Like they’re gonna care about your day of peace
Me: Yes, she does. And somewhere in that new body and face and voice is your (and my) Doctor.
Me: It’s always the blue lights!
Me: Good things don’t come of that many zombies on the roof
Me: Ummm…Doctor? Time to wake up?
Me: Lost a third of their staff? I must know more about Torchwood
Me: Creepy!
Me: Rose is all in tears
Me: She really does love him. I cried like that at the end of Parting of Ways
Me: It’s all weird….almost like Independence Day
Me: No! Don’t do it!
Me: Not like us
Me: Actually it looks like a demon from Buffy
                just0chris: It DOES look like a demon from Buffy. I knew it looked familiar. I even remember which one now. Weiiiiird.
               Me: even @jmarie2288 agrees!
Me: And it sounds like it’s speaking Klingon
Me: And I know what Klingon sounds like
Me: See? Never compare yourselves to children
Me: Everyone knows who she is
Me: Oh dear. You just sent out a homing signal, didn’t you Mickey?
Me: Blue light is rarely good in this show. Except for the sonic screwdriver
Me: And I can’t blame her. I’d be in misery too
Me: Wait…is tea really the magic elixir? @prof_elemental was right!!
Me: Rose, you’ve kinda grown on me
Me: You’re totally just naming everything you can possibly remember
Me: Wow. They can understand it!
Me: Both doors!
Me: I always knew tea was the solution!
Me: Aw…I’d bet you’d be cute with red hair
Me: I think Rose is finally understanding…or…accepting
Me: He’s gonna press the button isn’t he?
                just0chris: He’s so very the Doctor, of course he is. He literally cannot resist.
Me: Ew!!!
Me: Love the tongue!
Me: Wait…that last tweet didn’t sound right….
Me: Yeah, I can see the Doctor in him.
Me: Wait…thats Lion king
Me: Another Lion King reference in a British show…
Me: Sword and a bathrobe. Not a bad combination
Me: Dude!!! His hand!!
Me: Freaky!
Me: Aw….she’s happy again.
Me: Don’t turn your back on him!
Me: Even he said it’s very Arthur Dent!
Me: And there…I can see my Doctor
Me: What is she going to do?
Me: Fire?!
Me: Dude! Earth is a Death Star!
Me: She killed them. She killed them all.
Me: Oh…he’s capable…
Me: Oooooohhh….nasty Doctor. That’s mean.
Me: Dude! Can I have his wardrobe?
                just0chris: Travel around the universe for a couple hundred years?
Me: And what’s this song? I want it too
Me: I like seeing more of the TARDIS
Me: And I’m pretty sure (if I wasn’t already) that the Doctor loves her
Me: Wow. 6 words indeed
Me: Dude. That’s depressing
Me: She wants to make sure you still want her along
Me: Aw. It’s so damn cute.
Me: Mickey…you’ve known since the first moment she left that she would never come back to stay
Me: Look. She’s all cuddling him
Me: On to the next episode!
Me: She’s really prepared
Me: So, @jmarie2288 is trying to set fritos on fire
Me: So this one is “New Earth”
Me: Wow. They finally got hovercars
Me: Aw!!
Me: Wait..that thing looks familiar
Me: Cassandra! I thought she died!
Me: That’s the first time we’ve seen something actually written on the paper
Me: cat people!
Me: He did that on purpose
Me: Ha!
Me: He’s enjoying it
Me: Yeah, that doesn’t look like the right place. Smart girl.
Me: The Face of Boe! I would love to know more about him
                RandyNBL: You will learn more about the face of Boe… its just going to be a while *cue maniacal laugh*
                just0chris: The Face of Boe is very important 😉
                Me: I want to learn more!
                just0chris: Davies doles out information slowly, but he does eventually dole it out.
Me: Wow. So she was a chick back on Earth
Me: Ew!
Me: Ha! I was thinking the same thing, Rose.
Me: Yeah, stop with the stroking, Chip
Me: Oh no!
Me: I have a bad feeling about this blue light!
Me: There’s a few of those that are the last of their kind. The Doctor. The Dalek. The Face of Boe.
Me: Yep. Jack thought so too.
Me: right. that music doesn’t make me trust you cat-nurse
Me: Whoa. She’s showing off Rose’s cleavage!
Me: Heartless cat-people!
Me: Ha! I think he wants more!
Me: K. The Doctor knows something is up with Rose
Me: Wow. That’s really depressing. All those people…sick. Thanks to the cat-people
Me: I don’t think he’s happy about that. See, that’s MY Doctor
Me: It kinda reminds me of “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”. Only with many in the basement rather than one.
Me: You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.
Me: Wow.
Me: Shit! Tweet limit! Back to email!
Me: K. The talking sick people are really creepy
Me: Aw, he’s fond of that body.
Me: You don’t want to go out there
Me: Oh no….
Me: Ha!!
Me: K. this is hilarious!
Me: Oh Chip. You poor thing
Me: Wow. She was inside the sick person’s head
Me: All they want is one touch of comfort. They kinda remind me of the Controller.
Me: Crazy woman!
Me: He didnt comment on that one
Me: Suddenly I want to shout “Wrong lever!!”
Me: Aw! Doctor, I love you.
Me: She almost looks like she’s snarling.
Me: The Face of Boe is totally talking!
Me: I want to know now!
Me: So I’ll see him one more time at least…
Me: Might be one of my new favorite lines
Me: This guy is an amazing actor. Such a change in personalities!
Me: I can believe that Cassandra really is in that body. Talking to her past self.
Me: Aw.
Me: I’m almost weepy
Me: Poor thing.
Me: And that’s it for the Doctor Who tweeting tonight!

~ by rumielf on September 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “My Doctor Who “Christmas Invasion” and “New Earth” Live Tweets!”

  1. “The Christmas Invasion” was a great introduction for Ten, wasn’t it? They starved you of his presence so that you ended up itching to see him in action, which cleverly sidestepped the reluctance many of us Eccleston fans may have had about his replacement. The salvation-by-tea was brilliant and the pajama swordfight was iconic Doctor Who. Didn’t like the treatment Harriet Jones gets, though, as I think the Doctor is very wrong in his sudden wrath against her. Fortunately, my annoyance at this gets assuaged in Series 4. +)

    “New Earth” isn’t among my favorite episodes, but Cassandra’s backstory was fairly touching, and Tennant and Piper obviously had a blast acting the parts where she took them over.

    • I did enjoy how they built the tension. I kept sitting on the edge of my seat wanting him to WAKE UP!!! I do think I dozed off on the first watching right at the tea part because when I watched it this time I cracked up. I didn’t remember that happening but it was so perfect. Agreed about Harriet Jones. The woman made a hard decision and even before the Doctor did his thing it cost her. You could see the guilt she knew she would have to live with. But she knew she not only had to stop them from coming back but she needed to send a warning to other similar races. That the Earth and it’s people would not be easy pickings. It also shows a very nasty side of the Doctor, more than I’ve seen before. Something maybe even a little darker than my Doctor. For example, the Ninth Doctor didn’t blow away the lone Dalek with his giant gun and expressed confusion/pain/guilt/sadness when Rose confronted him on it. He didn’t destroy all the humans on Earth just to wipe out the Daleks.

      And yet the Tenth Doctor…..he showed an almost vindictive side. Harriet Jones had apparently been an excellent leader and he didn’t know that. But he did what he did without any thought to the consequences of the people that she led. It seemed less like justice and more like revenge. It was interesting.

      Did any of that make sense? I’m sick at the moment, at work and high on cold meds. 🙂

      I really liked finding out more about Cassandra and was genuinely sad at the end. But seeing Rose, The Doctor and even Chip changing completely when she took them over was fantastic!!

  2. “No Second Chances” really does set up the character of the Tenth Doctor. It will keep coming back throughout the series, and in some ways is part of this regeneration’s way of coping with the Time War, and all that he’s lost.

    • Aye, good point. That’s probably the difference you’re talking about, Rumielf: while in some ways I think Nine was tougher, he may have also been more able to forgive, in the end. Ten doesn’t much believe in Second Chances, at least as far as crossing him is concerned.

    • I’m curious to see how it plays out more with the Tenth Doctor. It’s an interesting aspect of his personality.

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