A letter to my cough

Dear Bronchitis Cough,

We met about two weeks ago with no warning and immediately I felt a connection between us. I’m pretty sure you must have felt it too, even though I’m not a smoker, because without any hesitation you became my constant companion. But though I’m sure you want to keep this relationship alive I feel I have to bring it to a close.

At first you were just irritating, the way you’d interrupt me in the middle of a sentence or wake me in the night, demanding my attention. I thought that with a few days rest you’d calm down and we would both go back to our normal lives. Unfortunately that didn’t come to pass. In fact, you seemed to grow jealous of my conversations with friends and family. So much so that within five days you’d cut me off from verbally communicating with anyone.

It took a few days of not speaking to you or anyone before I regained that measure of freedom. As of yesterday I thought that we might have reached a compromise. Where I’d put up with you for a few more days and you, in return, would only pester me occasionally.

Today I find that I was wrong. BC (I think we’re on personal enough terms for me to call you that), you’ve sunk to a new low with your painful ways of getting my attention every few minutes. You’ve managed to hurt me worse now than in the first few days of our acquaintance. Is this rising jealousy about my attending a friend’s wedding this past weekend and how I took steps to keep you quiet during the ceremony and reception? Are you just feeling clingy?

Now that the wedding is over and you and I are back to aruging with each other, I think I’m going to have to ask you to leave once and for all. I’m sure you’ll find another home easily. There are plenty of smokers out there.


~ by rumielf on September 26, 2011.

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