My Doctor Who “Tooth and Claw” live tweets!

I almost forgot to post this! Here is the live-tweeting from last week’s watching of “Tooth & Claw”. I’ve only got two more episodes to rewatch and tweet before I’m on to new stuff!!

Me: About to grab a piece of pizza and will live tweet “Tooth and Claw” in a few minutes!!
Me: It’s like a scene from the Matrix and Gamers: Dorkness Rising all in one.
Me: If I didn’t know better I’d say the Rami’s were shooting this episode. Some of those camera shots reminds me of their work
Me: The 70’s eh?
Me: K. the TARDIS spinning through time and space to disco is hilarious
Me: Ha! Nakedness.
Me: I love his voice.
                Just0Chris: It’s delightful, and he makes good use of it.
                CasualTerror: That’s David’s real accent. He’s Scottish.
                Me: It’s awesome!
Me: Rose, that dress thing does nothing for you.
Me: Duh, Rose.
Me: Rose’s hair gets blown in her face quite a bit so far this series.
Me: That was a Cassandra voice!!
Me: Sir Robert does not look amused.
Me: Charming?
Me: So this is Torchwood?
                DJ_Spinja: you’ll see 😉
Me: That’s creepy
Me: Aw! Coolness! I love this room in the estate.
Me: LOL. Yes, that was somewhat rude, Doctor. 🙂
Me: They are adorable.
Me: Look at the muscle working in monk dude’s cheek.
Me: Now if the Doctor was the one who was naked I wouldn’t mind the least….
               DJ_Spinja: DOUBLEPLUSWORD!!!
               Me: I mean, I’ll even take half-naked Doctor…
Me: I swear, every time she tells someone that they either die or things get worse. Or both.
Me: The Doctor knows about losing loved ones
Me: Creepy voice!
Me: LOL. Course there is.
Me: I like the reference back to Rose with the heart of the TARDIS
Me: Sorry, I’d rather try to escape
Me: This werewolf shift reminds me of the one in Being Human (BBC)
                Just_Chris: Also a great show.
Me: Eating dinner and listening to ghost stories
Me: Dude! You go, Queen!
Me: Oooo. Angry Doctor look!
Me: yeah, i want to see the Queen leg it out of the window.
Me: That was a surprised Doctor look. 🙂
Me: lovely camera bit on both sides of the door
Me: Aw! They hugged over it.
Me: A special kind of happy?
Me: Oops.
Me: good for more than kissing under…
Me: omg…he just licked the door!
Me: that was sexy and weird at the same time
Me: and the glasses!
Me: the wolf wants a steampunk world?
Me: that is a very large rock
Me: The Doctor knows Jackie. 🙂
Me: Messy hair!
Me: I have the sudden desire to run my fingers through that messy hair
Me: Why did you stop and scream?! Dumbass!
Me: cause your cross is really gonna stop him
Me: Aw. I feel sad for the wolf creature thing.
Me: Is the Queen a werewolf now?
Me: Ha!
Me: Rose had a moment of happiness at the bet, and now they’re banished.
Me: I wonder if this is how the Doctor’s name came to bring up red flags. Was it secretly passed through generations?
Me: Rose is way too excited about that
Me: I love all the hints for the series Torchwood.
               Dark__DJ: It’s not really hints for the series. One more major thing happens with Torchwood in DW before it becomes its own thing.
                Me: for the record, this tweet inspired the hilarious “don’t spoil her” conversation in my living room.
Me: And that’s it for tonight! I’ll wait to re-watch and live tweet the next episode another night. 🙂
Me: You guys should hear the conversation going on in my living room between @DJ_Spinja & @jmarie2288 as they try to avoid spoilers for me.
                Just_Chris: I have very little trouble imagining that conversation….


~ by rumielf on October 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Doctor Who “Tooth and Claw” live tweets!”

  1. It’s a fun episode. I had the same thought: “So the werewolf alien wants a steampunk world? What’s so bad about that?” Actually this was an episode where I thought the sci-fi explanation was kind of weak and shoe-horned in, when it felt like the story should have been at least ambiguous about a potential magical/fairy tale aspect. But I think the writers (at least Russell Davies) are desperate to keep this “strict” sci-fi, which means denying anything remotely supernatural. Kinda too bad, but oh well.

    One of these days they better just give up and have a truly Scottish Doctor. Apparently, after Nine’s very Northern accent, they didn’t want another “regional” accent and so made Tennant do a more conventional Estuary accent. Makes sense, I guess. But I, for one, am all in favor of showcasing a variety of accents!

    (this also brings up the question of why the Doctor always has to be English of some kind, but no matter. I suspect the fanbase would revolt if he were suddenly American or, say, Russian. Korean. Ecuadoran. Hawaiian? You wouldn’t have the same polite wit, stiff upper lip, being saved by tea, etc.)

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one that thought that! I had wondered about the “strictly sci-fi” thing but I’m also curious how the heart of the TARDIS fits into all that. Because I haven’t really seen a scientific explanation for that and how Rose was able to contain it for a time before the Doctor took and and put it back. Do we get any explanation about it at all?

      I loved Nine’s accent! I thought it made him even more memorable. I don’t think there’s really a problem with having a different accent. At least, not in my mind. 🙂

      Ha! There would totally be a revolt. Hell, most folks are against the idea of a female Doctor as well.

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