My Love for Phantom of the Opera Only Grows

Phantom of the Opera

Last night I took some Jayne Hat money and treated myself to an evening at the movie theater for a special event. You see, it’s the 25th anniversary of ALW’s “Phantom of the Opera”. On Sunday they recorded a performance of the stage show inLondon and live-broadcasted it to theaters around the world. Lucky for me they also set a couple of additional screenings of the performance. Though it wasn’t “live” it was still a chance for me to see the stage show again and put the memory of the abysmal musical-movie out of my mind.

The theater filled quickly last night. Most folks were older than me. A few looked around my age. Some were younger. I did notice that I seemed to be the only person who had come to see it alone. Ah well.

Then it started. They gave us 5 minutes warning and showed footage of the Royal Albert Hall as those patrons were taking their seat.

Finally the lights went down both in our theater and on the screen. And the magic began.

True, it wasn’t my Phantom on stage (I’ll always hold Michael Crawford as MY Phantom) I was still captivated.

I loved the casting choice for Raoul. Actually he reminded me a great deal of Chuck (Wagner) as I watched him. There was a similarity in their look and smile. The Managers were excellent and so was Carlotta. I couldn’t help but smile at them.

Christine was lovely and the camera angles allowed me to see so many different things up close for the first time.

The Phantom was a bit too….rock-style?…for me. He has a great voice, it’s just less classical sounding than I prefer. Still, he was wonderful and played the part well enough that I was crying. At the end when Christine hands him the ring and sobs over his hand, I felt as though my heart was breaking right along with theirs. Even as she left, there was a pause as she sang her first line of the reprise of “All I Ask of You”. She didn’t look at Raoul though he was right in front of her. Instead there was an almost turn, as though she was singing to the Phantom, one last plea for him to call her back.

For the record, my shirt collar was soaked with tears by the time the cast came out for curtain calls.

All of us sat there for 3 hours (with an actual 20 minute intermission) without a single word of complaint or protest.

Goes to show what will really captivate an audience.

Good news is that a dvd of the performance will be released in mid-November! Phantom on my television!

It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t have a date for the screening. It’s one of those things that captivated me so much that I would have completely ignored the date during it and probably afterward as I floated on my happy cloud. (I’m the same way when I go to see TSO.)

The only complaint that I had about the evening was the gentleman in my row a few seats to my right. He was definitely a fan and was apparently unable to repress the urge to speak or sing along a few times. I think his wife/girlfriend caught my angry glances because she’d try hushing him. Trust me dude, I’m with ya on the wanting to sing along. But I’m saving that for my living room where I won’t disturb other folks who paid $18 for a seat at that screening.

Other than that it was amazing.

And this Elf fell in love with it all over again.


~ by rumielf on October 6, 2011.

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