My Doctor Who “School Reunion” Live Tweets!

It’s been awhile since I was able to live tweet some Doctor Who but over the holiday I was able to catch back up on the two that I’ve missed! And now, one of my favorite Tenth Doctor episodes so far: School Reunion!

Me: Gonna live tweet some Doctor Who in a bit! School Reunion is up next!
Just0Chris: Love School Reunion. It’s much better when you’re completely conscious!
Me: And now…time for “School Reunion”!!
Me: Oh Anthony Head…..I love you. Even as you’re walking down stairs. And your voice…..
DJ_Spinja: YAY!!!?
Me: lol
Me: I love the Doctor and his glasses.
Just0Chris: He got that from his 5th incarnation. Heh.
Me: (Susan came in to watch Doctor Who with us)
DJ_Spinja: YAY!!!!
Me: How many ways can a person say “physics”?
Me: I think the name Milo is adorable
Me: Now that’s a death look. I can’t blame her.
Me: Toxic looking things in a school kitchen? Isn’t that normal?
Me: K. that doesn’t look good.
Me: What? Burst into flame?
Me: This kinda reminds me of that episode of SeaQuest with Mycroft. You know, the one @SethGreen was in as “Wolfman”
Me: I love Anthony Head’s smarmy voice. 🙂
Me: Oh, Doctor. You’re so lovable when you see her. I just want to hold you.
Me: He obviously still cares very much for her. And is thrilled to see her.
Me: Dude!! Creepy teachers!!!
Me: LOL. I love that they’re all breaking in at the same time.
Me: Yeah, that doesn’t sound normal
Me: I love the music right there
Me: And then she knows
Me: She’s so happy and sad to see him.
Me: Poor Rose is getting jealous almost every episode this season
DJ_Spinja: She really does!!!
Me: Course, she got jealous of Lynda last season.
DJ_Spinja: Yup!
Just0Chris: Well, she has good reason to be jealous this time, though….
DJ_Spinja: True! It’s amusing to watch.
Just0Chris: Especially when Rose & Sarah Jane start…comparing….
DJ_Spinja: love that bit!!!
Me: me too!
Me: Suddenly the Doctor looks rather uncomfortable
Me: K-9 is pretty darn cute
Just0Chris: K-9 is awesome, though. He saves the day regularly.
Me: Rose, if you smack Mickey right now I won’t blame you at all. He’s being an ass.
Me: And don’t you dare make snarky comments about Rose’s figure, Mickey!
Me: Aw…she’s sad to know that Rose has been with the Doctor.
Me: I can’t imagine traveling with the Doctor and then being left behind to a “normal” life
Me: Yeah, why not, Doctor?
Me: Ooooo…slinky crouch by Anthony Head. I’m gonna fangirl about that for a bit.
Me: So they’re like….Borg?
Me: Yep. Yes you are, Mickey.
Me: I can’t blame Rose for being upset. But I also can’t blame the Doctor for what he’s done.
Me: So how is he not going to leave Rose behind?
Me: Ah, action music!
Me: Dude! That shot of his shoes and that turn!
Me: He is…I think he’s gotten much angrier as the last of his race.
Me: Can I join with you instead?
Me: Oh, you totally feel threatened by each other
Me: Doctor, you ought to be worried when your ex and your current are laughing….and only laugh harder when they see you.
Me: Is he picking teacher flesh out of his teeth?!
Me: I do recognize a couple of those symbols. They were on the drum of oil in the kitchen
Me: LOVE the music in this episode.
Me: Can I have of that oil on the chips?
Me: *some of that
Me: See, now that’s a bad guy that knows how to tempt the Doctor.
Me: Which one is he talking to? Rose or Sarah Jane?
Me: Now that reminds me of the Ninth Doctor. “Everything dies”
Me: Creepy noise from a hot dude!!!
Me: My gods…his eyebrows! That face! It’s so utterly creepy! And yet….hot….
Me: Oh K-9.
Me: I admit, that’s a good bit of fame when you’re young. Blowing up the school.
Me: And Rose is sad again….
Me: Aw….that was Rose’s idea!
Me: And I can’t blame Sarah Jane. I couldn’t do it either.
Me: Oh Rose does not like Mickey’s suggestion. And Sarah Jane knows it. So does the Doctor. I think.
Me: Oh, he’s so worth it. He’d be worth the heartbreak.
Me: Give her that much.
Me: To hear that noise and to know you aren’t going….
Me: But he left her something.
Me: Gonna take a quick break before watching and tweeting “The Girl in the Fireplace”

~ by rumielf on November 29, 2011.

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