My Doctor Who “Girl in the Fireplace” Live Tweets!

And the last of my “catch up” episodes, here are the tweets from “Girl in the Fireplace”. After this I’ll be moving on to new (for me) episodes. I think my next one is “Idiot’s Lantern” since I’ve already watched and tweeted “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel”.

Also, this particular live-tweeting ended up in a rather long twitter discussion about the Doctor and Time Lord relationships that I left out of this particular post. If you’re really interested in reading those tweets, let me know and I’ll consider posting them. 🙂

Me: And now…time for Girl in the Fireplace. (otherwise known as “Quit Pining for MY Doctor”)
RyanHilt: For the record, GitF is one of my favorites.
Just0Chris: Yet another chance for Rose to get jealous….
Me: In this one I don’t blame her at all. I want that French chicka to stay away from him too.
Just0Chris: A man develops a lot of history in 900 years….
Me: again….she can keep her hands off MY Doctor
Me: Rose really does love him.
Me: I can’t even get a fireplace in my house…and there’s one on a spaceship 3000 years in the future. *sigh*
Me: So she’s French and has an English accent. Of course.
Me: If it translates French why didn’t it translate “Monsieur”?
Just0Chris: The TARDIS is intelligent, it translates what it feels like.
Me: Freaky clockwork noises!
Me: If someone were to tell me to not look around, I’d know that it was something utterly awful behind me.
Me: Doctor, quit getting flustered.
Me: See, Rose hasn’t even gotten to do that!!! *grumble* French hussy.
Me: Does the tumbling help, Mickey?
Me: Yes…it is looking at you
Me: I notice he didn’t mention snogging a French chick.
Me: Freaky! Using people that way.
Me: Stop mind melding with her. *jealous*
Me: It’s pretty music but this episode makes me jealous.
Me: Ah, drunk Doctor.
Me: I’d say more than a bit clever
Me: He’s more than worth the monsters. *sigh*
Me: So how does he get back?
Just0Chris: Madame du Pompadour earns her time with the Doctor.
Me: Bah.
Just0Chris: It was only a short time. You’ll see.
Me: Dude. Rose is about to cry.
Me: I am sad for her but not sad enough to cry.
Just0Chris: Think about how *he* feels.
Me: I feel sadder for the King. He was the one who spent the years with her. Who always had to share her love with a wanderer
Just0Chris: He also had a wife though, so I think he understood and was comfortable with it.
Me: I still have issues with the Doctor wanting to bring another chick he’s apparently falling for along when he already has Rose
Just0Chris: Well, that’s a different issue entirely.
ManadaB: one of my favorite episodes 🙂
Me: apparently one of my mom’s too
ManadaB: it’s so funny to see you tweet these! Makes me want to start round…6 I guess it would be watching them 🙂
Me: I love live-tweeting them. 🙂 I’ve already tweeted Rise of the Cyberman and Age of Steel. So maybe next week I’ll be on new ones!
Me: Well…my mom is crying at this one.
DJ_Spinja: Aw! It made me cry too. Even though it’s not my favorite it’s still pretty emotionally impactful!
Me: That’s what my mom said.
Just0Chris: The theme is very similar to the theme in School Reunion, how the Doctor continues on even after everyone else is gone.
DJ_Spinja: True. SADNESS!!
Me: But didn’t he tell Rose in School Reunion that he wasn’t going to leave her behind?
DJ_Spinja: yes but it’s the whole Sarah Jane has aged and moved on people die and the Doctor continues thing.
Just0Chris: Yes, but taking someone else with him doesn’t mean leaving Rose behind. The Doctor often has multiple companions.
DJ_Spinja: Also true!!
Me: And that’s all for the live-tweeting!
Me: Soon I’ll be on to new episodes!
Me: *sigh* I think it also makes me wish even more that I’d suddenly see the Doctor inviting me along
ManadaB: um, yeah. 🙂
DJ_Spinja: ME TOO!!!


~ by rumielf on November 30, 2011.

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