I am a knitting demon!

Jayne Hats 82-83

Made in a weekend!

Boy, that was an extremely productive weekend, knitting-wise.

Cunning Hats #82 and #83 were started on Saturday and finished on Sunday.

And I finished my second shawl! I’ll be blocking it tonight and will try to take some photos at that point.

I also got to indulge my love of wrestling by joining some friends to watch the Royal Rumble last night. And I’m so glad I did. So many familiar faces that entered the Rumble (Mick Foley, Jerry Lawler, Road Dogg and even Michael Cole was in for a minute!) and I cheered for every one of them. By the end I was rooting for a new face that I’d never seen before, Seamus. He’s a really (REALLY) white red-head with an accent. How could I not root for him? Much to my delight, he won!

This week I’ll be starting Cunning Hat #84 and working on a couple of projects for myself as well! Probably while watching some really old tapes of RAW episodes, just to prolong the happy feeling of wrestling nostalgia.

~ by rumielf on January 30, 2012.

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