85 Cunning Hats and Counting…

Jayne Hat 85

Hat #85 before its trip to the UK!

85 Cunning Hats have been knitted and sent to their new homes.

The 86th is already on the needles.

They’ve ranged in size from tiny, doll-sized hats to XXXXL hats.

And somehow I’m still not done knitting them.

The waiting list seems to sit at a steady 10. Pretty much every time I get one finished I get an order for another one. Not that I’m complaining. I like being known as the Jayne Hat Fairy and folks like the look and quality of my hats.

In between all of those hats I do find time to knit other things. The big thing I’m working on is a Sherlock Blanket KAL (knit-a-long). Each month the patterns for a simple and a not-so-simple square are posted on the message board and you can choose to knit one or both of them. As y’all have figured out, I’m slightly masochistic when it comes to making myself too busy. So of course I’m knitting both squares each month. Though we’re only on the second month of the KAL I’m still a little proud that I’m keeping up. I finished February’s squares (Sherlock’s scarf and John’s black & white sweater) and I’m almost done with the not-so-simple square for March (The Wall Had it Coming).

Once I finish this square I’ll finish up Cunning Hat #86 and then work on the other March square (221B).

I’m really looking forward to sewing all the squares together at the end of the KAL and then attaching some cute material for the back of the blanket.

Other than those things I’ve got about 5 more projects on the needles and one more that I plan to start after the 221B square is finished.

Thank goodness I take my knitting nearly everywhere with me. Otherwise I’d never have time to get all these things done. I may need to invest in those “knitter’s gloves” which are supposed to help with the hand pain.

I think my friends might be on to my plan to take over the world one Jayne Hat at a time….

~ by rumielf on March 5, 2012.

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