Updated Drinking Game for BBC’s “Sherlock” Series 2!

Sherlock Series 2

Who’s ready for series 2?

As you know, my friend Jessica and I came up with our own drinking game for BBC’s Sherlock and it was tested on New Year’s Eve (quite successfully).

Well, this Sunday (May 6th) Sherlock Series 2 will finally air here in the US and I wanted to present our new set of rules to accompany the new series. (Yep, we’ve already seen them. Don’t ask)

Usually I recommend waiting until you’ve already seen each episode at least once before reading the new rules and give them a go but if you don’t mind some possibly spoilery bits ahead of time, please feel free to continue reading!

First, let’s recap the rules from the first series that will continue to apply for the second series:

Take a drink whenever….

  • Sherlock gets excited about a death
  • Watson finds body parts in the kitchen
  • Sherlock comments how stupid other people are
  • Watson yells at Sherlock
  • Sgt. Donovan calls Sherlock “Freak”
  • Sherlock insults Anderson
  • Sherlock references an Arthur Conan Doyle story title
  • Text appears on the screen
  • Sherlock uses someone else’s phone
  • Someone thinks that Sherlock and/or Watson are gay
  • Sherlock mentions Mycroft’s diet/weight
  • Watson rolls his eyes at Sherlock
  • Moriarty flirts with Sherlock
  • Sherlock is on the phone
  • Sherlock acts out of character to get info
  • Sherlock says “data”. Or anyone else says “data”
  • Anyone says “221B Baker Street”

Drink a full shot/glass whenever…

  • Someone says “Moriarty”
  • Sherlock solves a case

Now, let’s add the new rules! These will also apply to the first series. So prepare for some awesome drunken marathons!

Take a drink whenever….

  • Sherlock’s phone makes a “rude” noise
  • Someone calls Irene “The Woman
  • Irene says “I know what he likes”
  • Irene says “let’s have dinner”
  • Molly calls out Sherlock on his rudeness/attitude
  • Someone says “hound”
  • “I owe you” is spoken or written
  • John makes a remark about how people will assume he and Sherlock are a couple
  • Sherlock plays the violin
  • John gets frustrated and walks out on Sherlock
  • Sherlock shows actual visible concern for someone
  • Mrs. Hudson finds body parts in Sherlock and John’s flat

Drink a full shot/glass whenever…

  • Sherlock wears the Purple Shirt of Sex

And there you have it! Any additional rules that you think we should add?

(this post brought to you by Elf and Jessica who have no qualms obsessing over Sherlock)


~ by rumielf on May 4, 2012.

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