Confessions of a compulsive knitter

Shrunken Zombie Head!

Shrunken Zombie Head!

If you’ve read this blog at all, or know me even a little bit, you know that I knit. I knit like a fiend. I can proudly say that I’ve made 146 Cunning Hats along with countless other items for myself and others. My house has yarn stashed all over the place.

And I can’t stop.

If you see me out and about, you’ll often either see me with my plaid knitting case in tow or perhaps just yarn and needles stuck into my bag of holding. If there’s even a chance that I’ll be hanging out in line, or sitting somewhere, I’ll probably pack knitting. Heck, I even take it with me when I take my car for its yearly emissions testing.

Watching a movie or dvd at home probably means that I’ll be knitting or have it handy. It’s as though I’m unable to simply sit still knowing that there are things to be made.

This does have drawbacks. For example, I often cart my knitting to parties and break it out at some point. This is not to imply that I’m bored or that the party is uninteresting. Instead, I just prefer to keep my hands busy (this does not necessarily stop me from drinking. SnB nights are proof that one can craft and drink quite easily). Other times, folks think that I’m giving them some great insult by knitting while listening to them or engaging them in conversation. While this may occasionally be true (I mean, some folks are just boring), for the most part, it’s just a compulsive habit, not a metaphorical slap in the face. Well, not unless you like that sort of thing. And if you do…I have some friends I’d like you to meet.

Dry hands and notches in my nails. I’ve actually worn down the middle of my nails due to knitting feverishly on projects. And I swear, my hands are constantly crying like Cassandra, “Moisturize me!”


Being a compulsive knitter also means that I have an addiction to yarn. I love the stuff. I especially love the good stuff found in local yarn stores. That means the kind of yarn that you end up paying about $18 for a hank. And that’s on the low end. I’ve touched yarn with a softness that you wouldn’t believe, colors that would dazzle your eyes and make your hands itch for your favorite set of needles. Until you look at the price and realize that you can’t afford $58 for that hank of yarn, no matter how breathtaking it may be. The nice thing about local yarn stores: they’re used to folks coming in just to touch and fondle that yarn in ways that would be considered obscene in public. So while I can’t justify that yarn, I’ll often find myself handing over $18 a hank for lovely hand dyed yarn with colors I love.

This is also why I’ve banned myself from going to any yarn stores for awhile. I’m not even allowing myself to look at my favorite yarn websites. I have to start using up the yarn that’s taking over my house, right?

The bonus of being a compulsive knitter (or crafter if you’re not into the needles) is that you’re often able to make gifts for folks for birthdays, holidays, or just random days. Even things such as cute dishcloths are usually welcomed happily. Socks are especially loved as they are more complex. It also means that you can barter your knitted items for other services. I freely admit that one of the best trades I ever made was a Cunning Hat that I made for a hot bamboo massage from a friend who is a licensed massage therapist. Seriously, that was a great trade. I’ve also traded for items such as jewelry or embroidery that other folks make.

Elvis the Praying Mantis

Elvis the Praying Mantis

Now if I could just convince the folks at kroger to accept knitted hats and scarves in trade for my weekly groceries.

But, all the problems of social awkwardness and yarn addiction aside, I think the compulsive knitting isn’t such a bad thing. In the end, most folks totally understand about the knitting thing. And those that don’t….well, bless their hearts.


~ by rumielf on February 10, 2014.

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