My Guilty Pleasure

Until a couple of years ago, I scoffed at food trucks. I had checked out their menus and prices. I watched their locations. And I found them to be overpriced, yuppie located, hipster food vehicles. So I never bothered to eat at one.

Then Pablo convinced me to try some french fries from a food truck at an art show. I was hungry and had to be at the show till 10 that night, so I figured why not? If he wanted to get fries, I would try them.

I ended up eating all of them.

All. Of. Them.

Since then I’ve been in a deep, passionate love affair with the Hoss’ Loaded Burgers food truck. They used to come to the building across the street from my office but stopped for some reason. I noticed this week that they would be back for a few hours today. So I convinced several coworkers to go with me.

While I never want anything more than a small of each flavor of fries (cajun and parmesan) and a root beer, my coworkers were more adventurous and ordered various burgers.

I got halfway through the fries before I remember to take a picture

I got halfway through the fries before I remember to take a picture

We’re now sitting in our office, all of us very quiet, as we succumb to the food coma that follows such fantastic nibbles. I mean, while I can’t vouch for the burgers, the happy munching noises and contented sighs of my coworkers pretty much say it all.

This is food that is worth the wait and price. (the fries are cheap. I get off lucky)

They keep a weekly schedule on their webpage so if you ever get the chance to partake of their amazing delights, do so. We’re already planning to stalk their schedule in order to catch them when they come back!


~ by rumielf on February 20, 2014.

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