Strangelove Addictions Part 4

I realized today that it’s been awhile since I reflected on the strange characters that I end up crushing on. Far too long since my last post about them! So let’s get rolling!

Hyde (from BBC’s “Jekyll”)

"And the word is......HYDE!!!"

“And the word is……HYDE!!!”

I have a thing for the psychopaths apparently. I mean, how else do you explain this? Luckily, other characters on the show also describe Hyde as a “sexy boy”. And that he is. Everything from his walk, his grin, his way of speaking, and general attitude has me ready to tear his clothes off and have my way with him….provided he doesn’t break my neck first. James Nesbitt, the amazing actor who plays both Tom Jackman (Jekyll) and Hyde is amazing at making them completely different people…while still keeping bits the same. Watch the show (all 6 episodes) and tell me you don’t agree!


The Dwarves (from “The Hobbit” movies)

Far too many cute noses in this bunch!

Far too many cute noses in this bunch!

Normally I’m much more of an elf person. But seeing that James Nesbitt (who I just spoke about above) was playing a dwarf, I became curious. And promptly developed a crush on his dwarf, Bofur, as well as several other dwarves (Fili, Kili, and Thorin). Don’t get me wrong, elves are still hot. Thranduil in particular in these movies. But this company of dwarves totally steals the movie for sexiness. I blame the noses.


Hannibal Lecter (from NBC’s “Hannibal”)

Can I have him for dinner?

Can I have him for dinner?

You may be saying, “You’ve already listed him” and in a sense, you’d be right. However, I did specify that I preferred the Anthony Hopkins version. Well, that was before this new show came out, I went into it with hesitation. After all, how could anyone compare to my favorite Dr. Lecter? And yet, Mads Mikkelsen brings him back to life in a way that I never thought possible. In my mind, I can even see how this Hannibal and actor could easily become my Hopkins-Lecter. For all the risks involved, I’d join Dr. Lecter for dinner. And dessert. And anything else that he might have in mind. Yum.


Robin Hood (from Disney’s “Robin Hood”)



It has been awhile since I had an animated character on this list. But this is one that I’ve crushed on since I was a kid and first saw this movie. Robin Hood is pretty foxy….and I mean that both ways. As a kid, I didn’t think twice about having a crush on an animated fox. As an adult….well….it’s a little weird (no weirder than my crushes on Ninja Turtles) but at least I can still say I have no interest in furries whatsoever. Just this one animated fox who captured my heart.


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